Adam works mostly across California on all things photography and art. I presented on this yesterday like how IoT is going to change the business etc. Reportedly, the first handsets powered by Light should hit the market sometime next year. Shot to shot time is very slow. He can be found at the best local coffee shops, at home scanning film in for hours, or out and about shooting his next assignment. Can this offer telephoto zoom? A very simplified version of what they showed is that the wide-angle shots cover more or less then entire frame while the telephoto lenses got quadrants plus a center shot five shots to “add data” to “overlap directly,” if you will.

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Startup creates a 16-in-1 Android camera called Light L16, predicts the death of DSLRs

In this case they dont have to put such a huge sensor. And the device will need lots of RAM to process the images, which might be why the samples are such low resolution.

I had expected that by pone the Nokia 42MP sensor sampled to 5MP or more would have taken over smartphones and compact cameras. I think this really could be the end of the DSLR.

All Comments Your Activity. The exec also mentioned that DSLRs and expensive lenses will “just not going to exist tomorrow. All about Christmas and Happy Holidays Log in or register to post comments. According to the Washington Postthe company already has a working prototype with anything between five and nine lenses that ;hone together to deliver DSLR-like performance in low-light conditions and capturing whopping 64MP images.


Light L16 camera with 16 lenses showcased

And true to motorkla firm’s reputation, the device will reportedly be equipped with more cameras than you can imagine. How we discuss the product can turn away potential customers or kill any interest and hope in a miracle panacea for our weighted bags. Best locations for loot and drop Four of a family hurt as mobile phone explodes while charging, causes fire Flipkart Mobiles Bonanza sale last day: As I saw it, the L16 still motoorola to be hooked up to a computer to even take a picture.

Everyone who buys a Motorlla knows its size. That to me seemed disruptive. On one hand, the images taken by the L16 are still slightly noisy in certain circumstances. Ro30 June Mobile hardware Other.

The result is a lens of plastic elements that is diffraction-limited. They have the technology if they want to mmotorola this, they’re just holding it back because: Reportedly, the first handsets powered by Light should hit the market sometime next year.

As seen in the press images, the L16 comes with as many as 16 lenses that can together generate images of up to 52MP resolution.

The Crazy Things You’ll Hear from Light, Makers of the L16 | Fstoppers

There are all kinds of ridiculous combinations of ,otorola that you can use these sensors for The gadget strongest advantage is convenient. The new device runs an unspecified version of Android – which, being a free and highly customizable OS, seems to be the perfect choice for such a camera. The price point lost me Yes, I was talking about full-frame equivalents.


Manufacturers Apple Samsung Asus Amazon. The 35mm modules look straight out from the back of the camera, while the 70mm and even larger mm arrangements lay flat on their sides, making use of mirrors to direct light into the lens. Ariel Martini Adam Ottke – October 30, they didnt show how each sensor phond to the final image?

In traditional lenses, often only one side of an element is aspherical. Each 70mm lens uses its own mirror to direct its field of view to a different quadrant of a 35mm frame, with the fifth 70mm lens shooting the center of the frame to ensure sharp detail everywhere.

In theory, computational photography is limitless. Well, that tech is reportedly going to be used in a phone that will launch later this year. The point of DSLR is its versatility and collection of lenses. I wonder what their profit margin is per unit.

I presented on this yesterday like how IoT is going to change the business etc. Last week Last 2 days Most commented.