Feb 26, Posts: July 24, 7: July 27, 4: Sat Jul 12, 2: Every now and again something would “stutter” and his image would freeze for a second, but overall it went very well. I’ll see if I can have a look in the driver’s debugger to figure out what iChat is doing with my cam.

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Ashby Ars Legatus Legionis Registered: May 22, 6: Sat Jul 12, 2: Stef Ars Praefectus Tribus: July 25, 7: Originally posted by Ashby: Now all we need is a hack that’ll let submhz machines use it. If I unplug the iSight, iChat stops the video, alerting me to the fact there is no camera available, despite the fact the Kritter is still plugged in.

KF looked very good. June 18, 3: I’ve got a critter cam that’s sat in a drawer since OSX public beta came out. My critter cam is usless now like most other’s.


iREZ Kritter USB W/Claw – web camera Overview – CNET

My DV cam looks better anyway. I’ll take ten minutes out to help ya. I chatted it up with Gray tonight – much fun!

I loved the full screen mode, but when it was windowed, I noticed a stutter say, once every few minutes usually accompanied with a beachball. Apr 30, Posts: Originally posted by stevenkan: IOXperts’s driver works for my Mustek cam, but I’m not paying a year’s magazine subscription for it.

iREZ Kritter USB W/Wand – web camera Series

Dacodo Ars Centurion Tribus: July 27, 4: Nov 23, Posts: Feb 23, Posts: Reply 5 of Jun 4, Posts: Have you investigated both of these drivers already? These people are a godsend!

There are a couple of third-party type things that do that sort of thing, but none of them support the Kritter. You can also try BTV.

So it’s another way Apple screwed us over with the “world’s most advanced operating system”. It might be worth downloading the free beta driver just to see if it works, however.


However, it doesn’t work with the 30 free minutes option and I’m unwilling to pay just to satisfy my curiosity on this, especially since it probably still won’t work.

If there’s anyone else out there willing to try, ask me.

Dec 16, Posts: I bet this impeded it somewhat. Nutrimentia “But you can call me Nute. Sun Jul 13, 2: