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Morning physical exercises and many people do it


Morning physical exercises are very important

Morning physical exercises are very important for health and well being of the person. This statement, probably no one will object. Morning physical exercises chases dream. Exercise morning exercise helps the human body to prepare for the new labor day.

and generally people have little movement. Accordingly, the usefulness of exercise increases many times. And where in our Russian conditions you can do physically? In large cities there are sports centers, fitness clubs. In the rest of countries total no.

it turns out that morning physical exercises is becoming almost the only method of physical training. But still this method is very affordable. After morning exercises perform most often at home. Of course, one morning physical exercises little. It is in any case not replace a full physical exercise.

But let’s at least something than nothing at all. Because a lot of people do morning exercises do not, not to mention the proper physical exercise. So a poll of readers of the blog “Physical culture and health ” shows exactly this situation.

How many people do morning exercises

Interesting to know how many people do morning exercises? On this blog conducted a poll on this topic. The results were more than indicative. You can verify this for yourself.

To the question: “do You Regularly doing morning exercises,” the answers were:

Not doing — 47% of respondents to the survey

Do every day — 16%

How it will — 13%

Sometimes — 7%

Every day, except weekend — 7%

In a day — 5%

The mood — 5%

As you can see, the vast majority of respondents to the survey don’t do exercises at all! Every day do morning exercises only every sixth, and with the weekend in every four. And every third doing morning exercises from time to time, there are irregularly.

But morning physical exercises and need for purely physiological reasons. Learn more about this interesting point can be found in the article “why the need For exercise.

Why do so few people doing morning exercises

many work in shifts. In this case, it’s really difficult to choose the time for morning physical exercises. And indeed most often about any “morning” charging the speech can’t be, because you have to sleep during the day. This may explain the irregularity of exercising.

However, a large portion of the population still sleeping at night. Morning free for morning physical exercises. To miss the opportunity of physical exercises in the morning is inexcusable. So why are so few people doing morning exercises? I hope that future surveys will provide the answer to this question.

Answer the question the poll in the right column of the blog. Maybe together we’ll find the reason why 47% of people not doing morning exercises.


You know that morning exercise is needed for purely physiological reasons? I did not know this. ”

The survey is about how You maintain your health Recently on this site was surveyed on the topic. ”

Morning exercise — the easiest way to take care of their health. Morning exercise. “