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Sore muscles after workout causes and methods of dealing with pain


Pain occurring in the muscles after exercise, can scare beginners and even force them to quit the gym. Some take unusual pain for symptoms of disease. But the muscle pain that can be felt after exercise, is a quite normal phenomenon. It can occur not only in those who have only recently started to do sports, but also when resuming training after a long break. In the event of a change in the usual nature of physical activity or by increasing its intensity also have pain associated with incorporating new muscle fibers in the process. So, let’s try to understand why do muscles

hurt after a workout.

The origin of the muscle pain

Cause of muscle pain is the accumulation of products formed as a result of redox reactions that are actively taking place during workouts in the muscle tissue. The tone of the muscles after exercise is increased, its volume increases and blood flows in a more intense pace than during the quiescent state, carrying with it the lactic acid, water, and other substances formed as a result of the muscle energy. These effects usually begin to occur after the eighth to the twelfth repetition or on the thirtieth-fortieth second of hard work.

The body recognizes physical activity as a stressful situation and spend their internal resources to cope with it, so to compensate for the time loss, he needs a certain recovery period.

The human organism has possession of large capacity to adapt to the environment. Heavy-load start in the brain rehabilitation program, after which the pain gradually replaced by light muscular pulling. Professional athletes know that muscle pain after exercise is indicative of the high quality of the work done body. They also know what to do when severe pain and how to help the body recover.

Most often cause pain exercise, the purpose of which is the development of strength endurance. As you increase fitness, they must be weakened. This is also true for loads of aerobic. However, it is important not to overdo it. In the case of the promotion of sports in continuous suffering and the body’s failure to obey is better the load to lower.

The only set of exercises, doing that, you must give one hundred percent, is the study of the abdominal muscles, as this muscle group requires a high intensity and tension of work. To obtain a good result to swing the abdominal muscles needs the maximum possible number of repetitions and approaches.

Carefully, overload!

Doing sports, it is important to remember that the human body is not limitless! When visiting the gym too often and I give too much, you can not achieve improvement of the physical form, and the results are just the opposite.

To avoid muscle overload, it is recommended that:

Alternating between intense and light weight training that will allow the muscles to recover.

To devote every workout different groups, for example, on Monday to continue working on glutes and legs, Wednesday – well pump hand press, and on Friday – to pay attention to the back. Thanks to a training scheme previously loaded muscles will relax and fix the result.

Increase the load gradually, allowing the muscles to adapt to a new weight.

Symptoms strong surge:

poor overall health the next day;



the occurrence of persistent feelings of rejection further studies;

a sharp pain, which may indicate rupture of muscles and tendons, as well as problems with joints or the spine. In this case, you are strongly advised to consult with your doctor to discuss the possibility of further training.

Even if you don’t go to the gym and do strength fitness at home, it is recommended to consult a professional trainer who will choose you a range of exercises tailored to what you expect. Strictly observing compiled the program, you will be able to avoid such unpleasant phenomena as overload.

What is trailing the pain and how to fight it

If you have the following after school sports morning strongly sore muscles. and the pain does not get better within a few days, but on the contrary, is enhanced, in this case we can speak about trailing or residual pain. This phenomenon, which is associated with caused by excess stress microtrauma in muscle fibers. What to do in this case?

It is desirable to make a break for it in sports, as a good warming up the body will reduce muscle soreness and speed up recovery.

Do stretching to remove muscle from a shortened state, and to of them were able to get the decay products.

To remove the total voltage of five to ten minutes of aerobic load: running on a treadmill, training on horizontal bike, rowing machine or swimming.

The recovery period and its main objectives

In order not to suffer from pain associated with sports, it is recommended to perform the following set of activities:

During exercise in the breaks between exercises, and immediately after it ended to quickly restore power to help gentle stretching.

To return to normal the body will help relaxation massage, which will relieve the sensation of muscle stiffness and tension.

To complement the restorative complex has a sauna or bath, visiting them the next day.

It is useful to use a special warming creams that will help to cope with severe pain.

Well after physical exercise to take baths with essential oils (three to five drops) or sea salt, as they have a good calming and relaxing effect. The best effect can be achieved from juniper or rose oil, and oils of lavender, pine, tea tree, rosemary or mint. Enough to lie in a bath for 15-20 minutes.

It is equally important to engage the body of waste and toxins from the body, which is necessary to drink plenty of pure water, green tea or herbal with the addition of honey.

Thus, only in that case if you properly consider the issue of planning of athletic training, will not engage at the limit of their physical abilities, and will give the body time to recuperate and help him with this, you can quickly achieve the desired result!

And one last piece of advice to all sports fans: if you want to achieve excellence, make pain your ally, listen to your body and learn how to decipher the signals that it gives you!