Jogging track and how to race them
  Treadmill, very unique invention of his time. Thanks to her, the man was able to start training, without leaving the premises. One of the huge advantages of the treadmill…

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How to improve special endurance
  Special endurance in such types, as walking, running, on average, long-distance, marathon running, daily running and longer runs is the leading quality that maintains the desired speed of movement…

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The training gear sanlam

“INTEREST” – is an international chain of retail stores of clothing made of fur and leather, presented in Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan. Fashionable clothing from “INTEREST” – this is the original design, high quality, variety of models and affordable prices that will attract any buyer. In every store “INTEREST” to collect several thousands of models of all sizes, colors and styles. Paying great attention to product quality, we pay special attention to the

quality of customer service. We employ highly specialized consultants who are ready to efficiently serve the customer.

GYMhall — is a modern fitness club, fully equipped in accordance with the best international sports standards! A gym with an area of 800 square meters, equipped with TECHNOGYM (Italy), two aerobic rooms for group exercise! Cycle Studio, a comprehensive, fully computerized system Technogym Wellness System! Great hall of martial arts with an area of 200 square meters.

Equestrian club “Tandem” is an individual training for children and adults, a section for children from the age of 12 (it is possible to check out the competition), developing horse riding (the MOAT) from 1.5 to 10 years old, rides for both beginners and for experienced riders, sleigh rides, hippotherapy training.


Autostudio “SPARTA” offers a complex of services connected with professional removal of dents without painting by German technology, professional polishing, replacement and repair of auto glass, tinting of auto glass for cars various of models and brands. All work is carried out on the latest professional equipment and the best specialists in this field.


The main difference Educational center ’s futureline fest” – individual approach to each client. We will update Your goal of learning a foreign language, the training period and will select the best method that is convenient for You schedule and type of training. The center ’s futureline fest” in Ekaterinburg offers any options to study English, German, French, Spanish, Italian languages. For You – the most modern techniques from basic to advanced level, preparation for international exams, program for corporate clients with specific business problems, business courses, individual training and other programs.


DRIVEDANCEPROJECT – this unique Express course learning dance, which saves you time and money! Three-month program is designed in such a way that you’ll quickly learn to dance, regardless of your age and level of training! Now everyone has the opportunity to learn from the best teachers the most famous schools of London and Moscow, without going out of Ekaterinburg. The basis of the programme – modern dance club.


“SOPHISTICATED” – a new health store for adults, with a full range of products that diversify Your intimate life, ranging from erotic feet shibataea lingerie and sexy role-playing costumes to sex toys for adults. Be attentive to each other and not be afraid to experiment.


Opticians “ACKOFF” have excellent references and positive feedback from customers. We have established ourselves as a company that values its good name and reputation. That’s why we strive to make each customer happy and loyal to us. Qualified ophthalmologists can help to make the right choice. Use the special BONUS from the opticians for visitors requires activation


Training center “Formula” organizes and conducts trainings aimed at improving personal effectiveness through the understanding and use of its internal resources, the potential for improvement and effective use of existing capacity.

– Personal Growth program: aimed at forming and achieving goals in all areas of life, with a clear sense of ownership (authorship, ownership) for the result.

– Body-oriented trainings

– Getting skills, business training


Ecowash – is mobile waterless car wash, polishing and protecting Your car! Unlike traditional car wash, Ecowash not require water. Instead, we use a special polymer gel that lifts dirt from the surface of the paint and encapsulates it in a capsule. Then the mud is removed with a soft cloth – without water and scratches. Leaves a protective polymer coating on the surface of the car, which is valid until 6 weeks, neutralizing the negative impact of the environment.


“Nanotek” network of waterless car washes. Waterless car wash-polishing, color protection, dry cleaning, cleaning under the hood. In contrast to the classic car wash we do not use water. We apply unique technology “3-in-1”: washing, polishing and protecting the surface of the car.


In the trailer “ Comfort Line ” You can get almost all services for the care, maintenance, tuning, upgrading Your car.

Why You should choose “ Comfort Line :

– Qualified staff

– New, modern equipment

– Quality assurance

– Reasonable prices

– Individual approach to each client

– A huge list of services


The laser tag arena “Portal-66” invites YOU unusual to celebrate a birthday, hold a corporate event or just to spend time with your loved ones! The arena is a fantastic, purpose built maze area of 300 sq m, equipped with sound and light special effects. Laser tag is similar to paintball, but for a place wax balls laser beam is used, and therefore excluded pain. The essence of the game is very simple: wear the vest, take the Blaster (a weapon) with both hands and forth to hit a players opponents. All hits are recorded by sensors located on the vest and Blaster, and after the battle, participants were given a printout with the results of the game.


The company “Under control” offers the only tested and high-performance automotive, office and home security systems, designed by leading manufacturers, which will protect Your property from any encroachment. the range of car DVRs, cameras and monitors, home and business surveillance systems, personal and car GPS trackers, and other high-tech systems for the protection and security.

The products of the Company ’s Alcohol Siberian group” is being implemented in 55 countries. Major brands of the company – «White birch”, “Husky” and “Five Lakes”. Vodka ” Five Lakes”, according to Nielsen ranked # 1 by market share in Russia by the results of the retail audit of the December-January 2013.


The leader in the segment of fashion-services group of companies GVENDELIN FASHION GROUP operates in all areas of the fashion business: shooting in magazines, commercials (photo and video), exhibitions, fashion shows, promotions, international cooperation with leading global agencies. Models Agency Gwendelyn can always be seen at the most prestigious shows, the covers of glossy magazines. And on all the catwalks of the world Tokyo, Milan, Paris.