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What do I need in order to start classes in Ashtanga Yoga Center?

You should familiarize yourself with the schedule in the Halls and to choose proper time and group. How to select a group, see the relevant section. Better to come in 10-15 minutes before the start of classes, time to change and prepare for practice.

To enroll in classes at Yoga center is not necessary, except for those groups which are indicated in the schedule “on the record”.

Classes are held regularly. If You never did, come in the initial group. Over time, You will be able to visit the initial 2 etc.

Carefully review the diagram of passage to our halls.

What clothes you need to do yoga at Ashtanga Yoga Center?

Clothing should be lightweight, easy to move around. Any sports clothing that lets You move freely. For example, t-shirt and sweatpants. Better to give preference to clothing made from natural fabrics. To engage more comfortable barefoot. But quite acceptable and socks. Easier fitness socks that do not slip.

Do You have any mats?

You can start practicing on the mats in yoga center. But it is recommended to purchase their own Mat, which You can leave in our rooms. Ideal – special non-slip yoga Mat.

How often should I attend classes in Ashtanga Yoga Center?

The basic principle of the practice of yoga and its positive effect – the regularity. Best to start with two times a week. After a few months on their feelings or talking with the teacher you can increase the frequency of classes in Ashtanga Yoga Center to three or more times a week. If you want you can do at home every day, follow the simple program, pre-stressing her teacher.

How to eat and drink before class and after?

Should not eat 2-4 hours before the start of classes. If You are experiencing hunger, it is best to eat something light, like fruit or vegetable salad. After it is better to eat after 30-60 minutes. You can drink plain water before and after class and during class is not recommended.

Are there any contraindications for yoga practice?

In General, yoga can be practiced in any occasions. The main thing is that the practice was appropriate. Those who managed to acquire troubles with the spine or other body parts, before you begin learning about Hatha yoga, you should consult a doctor. If You are under the regular supervision of a physician in connection with any serious or chronic illness, before school starts, talk with him and don’t forget to warn the teacher. You can also start classes in the lightweight class practices (see article “How to choose a group”).

Can I do yoga to women during menstruation?

Every woman has its own characteristics of the organism. When menstruation is heavy and painful it is better to suspend the practice, especially in the early days. Experience shows that regular yoga exercises help to overcome PMS and reduce soreness. But this practice should be regular and continuous.

If You survive the critical days quite easily, then you can continue to do in the group, except for the first 2 – 4 days. During the entire period you should not overexert your abdominal muscles, perform balances on hand and inverted postures. Shows shallow inclinations, practices in the supine position without the tension of the abdominal muscles, arching and meditation.

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