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Stress hormone cortisol why it leads to obesity and muscle breakdown
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Recovery after trenirovki


As has long been known that muscle when bodybuilding do not grow during the workout, the main growth takes place after, during the holidays, and training only encourages the muscle fibers to develop. Therefore such an important role is played by the recovery process after a workout. Thanks to proper recovery and there is a significant increase in muscle mass.

Recovery after the workout includes both regular rest, and reducing intake of some drugs that help to run the restorative powers of the body and start building new cells.

If you approach the recovery process from a scientific point of view, we can distinguish four main phases – fast recovery, slow recovery, sverchuvstvovanie and delayed.

In time training is the destruction of muscle fibers and the formation of oxygen starvation, so in the first stage is primary restoration of oxidative processes in the cells forming the muscle and replenishing energy balance. This process lasts from 12 to 48 hours, and only when it starts the next stage of recovery, which should increase the amount of protein. So it makes no sense to consume protein shakes on training or immediately thereafter, it is better to replace them with energy mix. Consisting of 5 grams of creatine, 3 grams of ribose, 6 grams of glutamine and 3 grams of BCAAs, it is this restorative blend and produce the desired effect for your muscles.

After the first stage begins a slow recovery, it occurs in the period from 24 to 72 hours, at this time you need to increase the amount of protein because it starts the process of regeneration of muscle tissue. Fiber restore muscle microtrauma and breaks, and this requires additional construction material.

Only in case of successful passing the regeneration of muscle fibers goes to the next stage, during which there is a complete recovery of strength and capabilities of your muscles.

This happens on the fourth – fifth day after the workout.

And then, finally, there comes a time delayed recovery of muscle during this time fully restored all damaged areas and moreover, there was a thickening of the muscle fibers, they become thicker and stronger. For this reason, you should make an increased operating weight about once a week, just for this period, the muscles fully recover and gain the ability to new, high loads.

This article shows a sample layout of post-workout recovery. In practice this is not quite true, because you are training much more than once a week. Therefore there is overlap from one recovery to another. It looks like this – a couple of days ago you trained chest and biceps today, so for chest you have there is an increased need for an increased amount of protein, and biceps happen regenerative processes that require energy intake mixtures.

As a result we must conclude that with regular workouts should constantly take increased amount of protein and energy to use only after intense bodybuilding training.