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Alcohol and fitness is a sore subject! Why drinking is bad

It is a complex process, to understand that no “pint” is not easy… Joke! Actually, when you drink alcohol, your body (liver) converts to acetaldehyde and then to acetate . Acetate is a derivative of acetic acid. His body decomposes to carbon dioxide and water are the final products of decay.

Up to 10% of alcohol is excreted in unchanged form is excreted in the breath, sweat, urine. Another small portion ( 5% ) is deposited in the form of fat.

Poor health is associated with high levels of acetaldehyde and acetate. For our body is even more toxic substances than alcohol. The problem is often compounded by low-quality alcohol contain impurities, fusel oils, organic acids and aldehydes .

During the processing the body of alcohol, to force the energy is released – 7 calories per 1 g of ethanol. Other sources of energy (carbohydrates, fats) at this time are not used. Your body responds to the dose of alcohol the same way it would when high carbohydrate diet. It is obvious that good for your figure will not do! Then what’s the point of drinking during Friday parties? Perhaps, so, you are trying to wash away his suffering from lost wages. Or trying to muster the courage to start the conversation with an appealing girl.

Of course, it’s hard to argue that alcohol is a great Energizer. At the same time, it lowers your libido. No, not in that moment when you have filled in the headlights” and not even in the morning, and in the following days. Numerous studies confirm that alcohol reduces testosterone production in men. But this hormone is needed not only to maintain libido, but also for your athletic performance.

According to research conducted by new Zealand scientists to the study, together with the decrease in the level of testosterone decreases the endurance of your muscles. The study involved 11 healthy men. Each of them has complied 300 contractions of the quadriceps on an isokinetic dynamometer. After drinking and sobering up, the subjects performed the same exercise. Drop endurance was, on average, more than 20% . Thus, if you drink every week or even every 2 weeks, what kind of sports results can be discussed? As the body to recover from training and to and from alcohol poisoning?

Now, a bit of good . As you know, any poison is only dangerous in certain dosage. For alcohol health safety dose is 10-30 grams of alcohol per day. In this case, even positive impacts, such as:

improvement in lipid profile ( bad and good cholesterol )

normalization of blood pressure

the decrease in the resistance of tissues to glucose

increasing the level of hemoglobin ( red wine )

reducing the likelihood of osteoporosis and arthritis

reducing the risk of having non-alcoholic steatohepatitis ( dry red wine )

reducing the likelihood of age-related deterioration of brain function

At one time, scientists of the German Institute for preventive medicine has shown that people, who drink up to 200 ml high-quality red wines, live on average 7 years longer than nondrinkers. Just do not think that a liter of vodka or beer will give an even better result.

How many people are able to get pleasure from the taste of wine, and not from the state of intoxication? How many people can afford to buy high quality wine and not “ink”? It turns out that the practical benefits of alcohol consumption receive only units. The majority can only “get drunk”.

So let’s get back to reality. Want strong and bulky muscles?

According to British scientists, alcohol reduces the ability of skeletal muscle to uptake of glucose and amino acids. Needless to say, this adversely affects the supply and impairs muscle metabolism?

The study also showed that strong drink inhibit protein synthesis. This is guaranteed to slow down the process of hypertrophy (increase muscle size).

Alcohol, inhibiting the Central nervous system, can prevent the buildup of forces. Your brain just can not send a strong enough nerve impulses to reduce muscle fibers. And given that strength is also associated with muscle hypertrophy, you have less chance to become stronger.

Need strong bones? The researchers concluded that excessive consumption of alcohol leads to a decrease in the concentration of minerals in the bones. Such is the paradox! Safe dose protect against osteoporosis, but on the contrary, the abuse harms the bones.

Want to stay healthy? Alcohol does not benefit the immune system. It’s a fact! You probably were cases when after a good booze in the following days you had a cold? And she, in turn, led to loss of training time and disgusting nutrition from loss of appetite and General mood.

Dream to lose weight? Again recall that the alcohol (pure alcohol contains 7 calories per 1 g. If you decide to lose weight, drinking alcohol will affect your plans. You should strictly limit its use, and may prefer to refuse. Your body will immediately notice the daily calorie deficit. For example, a bottle of beer adds 250 calories, one large gulp of liquor can contain over 200 calories! Remove from the diet of some sort of bun and you have a negative 500 calories a day!

Want to sleep better? Studies have proven that it is very important for relaxation REM sleep is disrupted after drinking alcohol. Restful sleep is very important for muscle recovery and nervous system. The alcohol content in the blood only at 0.1% disrupts REM sleep. A man weighing 90 kg should consume 200 grams of vodka to reach a concentration of 0.1%.

Want to avoid a hangover? The hangover is a phenomenon, the essence of which is still not fully disclosed. Researchers believe that the hangover is associated with a high concentration of poisonous substances, which we wrote in the beginning of the article. It is quite like the truth. Moreover, additives used in the manufacture of alcoholic beverages can aggravate a hangover. Naturally, the more poisons you have uploaded, the more suffering awaits you.

The situation also greatly compound:


the loss of nerve cells in the brain

leaching of nutrients: magnesium, potassium, b vitamins, vitamin C

The effects of a hangover can be felt within a few days, depriving you of your strength and nastroenia necessary for vigorous work.

Expecting from your brain work? If your work day consists of watching TV shows and websites with jokes, then you will have to strain your brain, so that he could solve more or less complex tasks. After drinking the brain activity of a person is markedly reduced. Many people “with a hangover” it’s hard to speak the words like they don’t want to form into sentences.

To summarize

If increasing muscle mass, strength and/or endurance are among your priorities, we see no reason for regular use of alcoholic beverages.

You are a true connoisseur of good wine? Well… try not to drink more than 200 ml at dinner. In this track the health and dynamics of sports results.

Celebrate any victory or holiday? Do not stir the drink. Pay more attention to communication and fun, instead of pouring in the alcohol. To dance and laugh, you need to drink a bucket of vodka? Tried different?

Do not arrange competitions on the amount of alcohol consumed. Don’t have the courage to skip the toast or drink a full glass? ‘m kidding about this? Maybe this is not the company where you want to be.

Can truly relax only when drunk? OK, then don’t zakusyvayte. You need less alcohol to “catch drunk high” and the morning hangovers.

Before you go to bed, force yourself to drink 0.5 liters of water with aspirin and a double portion of multivitamins.

Alcohol is evil! It’s amazing how many people deny or don’t want to understand this. Well, time will put everything in its place.