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Swimming benefit or harm to the health


Swimming is recognized as the most simple, safe and incredibly effective way of building a toned figure and health promotion. If you compare swimming with other sports, they can practice it, who wants it, because it has no serious contraindications.

In this article we’ll talk about swimming and try to understand and answer the question, swimming benefit or harm ? On the effect of classes is not influenced by such factors as physical fitness. The benefits of swimming proved by scientific research. This sport allows you to:





Swimming benefit or harm for the spine and thorax?

If you have back problems, then during the session it starts working in different planes, and the speed will increase by several times. When the body is immersed in water, the joints of this vital organ does not have load. Therefore, the person does not need additional power to get the spine to work. If you swim correctly, the muscles are loaded evenly. Not be amiss to use different swimming techniques, because each of them has a number of advantages.

It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of this physical exercise for the chest. The fact that over age lung capacity begins to drop rapidly. In old age the activity of the chest may even go on there. Thus, begins to form abdominal breathing.

Swimming gives you the opportunity to :

To maintain proper living to a ripe old age

To maintain correct posture

To prevent the development of osteoarthritis

Having mastered different styles of swimming, you can cure a number of diseases

The benefits of swimming for the female population

Such physical activity is assigned even for pregnant women. Any technique gives the possibility of significantly lowering the aging process, which is achieved by restoring the cardiovascular system, as well as to improve the respiratory function and even strengthen the muscle corset.

Swimming helps to fight cellulite, but provided an integrated approach to solving the problem. But it’s not all advantages of this beneficial procedure you will be able to maintain and even increase flexibility, and also several times to improve the skin tone. If you recently became the proud mommy, that such exercise will help to tone your abdominal muscles and shape in General. In addition, aware of the fact that swimming is an opportunity to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, and is considered a preventive measure against the formation of varicose veins. Swimming can relieve stress by activating mental and physical load.

Swimming: use for the male body

Swimming has a number of positive aspects. For example, it is able to restore erectile function. This effect is achieved using a massaging action of the water on the genitals. Swimming contributes to the formation of broad shoulders and elastic and inflated press. This is achieved by the load on the shoulders. If you go swimming regularly, it will give an opportunity to significantly increase the volume of the breast, as well as to strengthen the nervous system and to withstand adverse environmental impact. After extensive training you will be able to resume your appetite. The fact is that during swimming, the body begins to lose calories, so in dire need of food consumption.

Swimming: use for kids

Swimming — this is a mandatory part of the education of your child. These workouts enable to develop the respiratory system of the baby. This is due to the fact that during the massage, the water began to put pressure on the chest – inhaling and exhaling, they form proper breathing, which is the ventilation of the respiratory tract. This approach prevents the development of various diseases associated with lungs.

Immersion in water has a positive effect on blood circulation, improving the activity of the heart. During the procedure on the spine of the child is almost not affected by the load. This allows you to form a correct posture, as well as stimulate metabolism of intervertebral. Swimming has a pronounced beneficial effect that prevents flat feet, scoliosis and dystonia to develop. The cells begin to exchange oxygen and skin to breathe.

When this occurs, the process of separating harmful substances and toxins. Swimming is also beneficial for cleansing the sweat glands. If you prefer systematic stress, it helps to normalize the Central nervous system, improve appetite, improve sleep and tone the entire body. Swimming is recognized as a great way to relieve fatigue and stress.

The benefits of swimming

Swimming gives an opportunity in the shortest time possible to burn calories and accumulated over many years fat. If we talk about other sports, the benefits of swimming can be compared to the run. aerobics, as well as mountaineering. Swimming is recommended for people suffering from excess weight. It is proved that if carried out in the basin for about 45 minutes a day, it will help to increase metabolism and enhance fat burning.

Swimming is a method of forming an athletic physique. Lean and muscular figure is because in the process begin to work all muscle groups.

The procedure involved the feet. By pushing the body out of the water begin to strengthen the muscles of the legs, so that they become more slender.

The effects of exercise in water is much higher than exercise on land.

This sport is suitable for almost anyone, and they can do from the very young age, without spending effort on training. You have the opportunity to strengthen health even every day.

Exercises performed in the pool, give the opportunity to keep in shape. Such exercise will be the ideal for those who are unable to do aerobics on land.This sport gives the opportunity to stimulate blood circulation and normalize blood pressure. In swimming there are no side effects, as is the case with other sports.

Swimming — benefit or harm . The answer will not keep you waiting! Study regularly and if possible, in the pool. on open water and the result will be not only «on a person», but of course will be reflected positively on the mood and on your body!

French disabled swam across the English channel.