The beneficial effects of massage on the body
Benefits of massage for health can not be overestimated, and for a little disordered or fully disordered body even more. Health benefits begins on the first phase, light touches. The…

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The beneficial effects of massage on the body
Benefits of massage for health can not be overestimated, and for a little disordered or fully disordered body even more. Health benefits begins on the first phase, light touches. The…

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Elliptical trainer for weight loss


Much has been written about the benefits of running. and too little about the main trainer for this sport – a treadmill. How to do it and is it possible to lose weight by running in the gym? All the answers in our material!

There are athletes who go running in the streets. We certainly have a lot of respect, but such feats are not ready. Therefore, our main “tool” for running in the cold time of the year – a treadmill. Warm, comfortable, and even a TV to watch.

But, like any workout, the treadmill has its own specific features. About them and we asked fitness trainer sports club BodyArt fitness Alexander Osipenko.

Sasha, please tell us, first, what is the difference between running on a treadmill to running outside?

First of all, a good treadmill has a shock absorbing system, and when running on the pavement, the shock load on the spine and joints better. So there are even different running shoes on the treadmill and on other surfaces (asphalt, soil, stadium turf. Plus, on the treadmill to jog a little easier, as she tightened and performs part of the work for you. To equalize the load running on the street, many athletes running on a track put a tilt angle of 2-3%. Another point – the burning of oxygen in the street, your body is working much more than in the hall. But all this is offset by a good ventilation system and open Windows.

How to choose the right speed on a treadmill to monitor the heart rate? Indeed, in modern tracks so much of any extra features. How to understand them?

Honestly, this is more marketing techniques than vital fixture. While running, you need first of all focus on your feelings. But if you want to more digits, the standard readings of heart rate during cardio running – 120-130 beats per minute. If you are prepared better this figure may be 140. The speed, in turn, is selected based on the pulse. In fact, you raise the level until the pulse reaches the desired level, continue running at this speed.

But on the other hand, it’s important to raise your expectations. I always say that if you are in training you feel comfortable, then you need to increase the load. Otherwise the body gets used quickly, and exercise fail to give the desired effect. They remain healthy, but useless for weight loss or muscles toning.

How you can enhance the effectiveness of training on a treadmill?

The best option – this is to enable the acceleration. If the level of training allows, you can do it even with a good inclination. This interval training is much more effective than monotonous running at the same pace. Novice athletes to enhance the load just enough to increase the angle of inclination. It complicates the work and switches the load higher on the muscles of the posterior surface of the legs. For girls this is a big plus, because I worked out all the leg muscles (buttocks and thighs), and not pumped the front (legs don’t get bigger).

That is, the load need to be alternated?

Yes. Can about 5 minutes to run with the slope, and then returned to the track in the normal position. Training should be interval with different types of loads. The biggest problem of the body – it’s addictive. There is a popular misconception that if the load is perceived comfortable, then you. Actually, the opposite is true, if you are comfortable, then you do not finalize.

Suppose I can run an hour at a pace I’m comfortable, it’s hard but I try. If I’m going to run during the week, it will not give me any result, in addition to the health benefits?

While it is difficult, but the “fall” – will to give. But when will be easy (and that point will come), it will be gone. Health is a great work, like charging, but for muscle development and losing weight practically useless. It’s all very cleverly arranged. When you run for an hour during the year, over time your body will adapt and spends on this job for much less effort and calories.

The point is that, when the work is difficult for you, your body will recover after a workout, and it consumes large amounts of energy to recover. And this is the weight loss. Therefore, when the work is comfortable, restoration, and along with burning extra calories.

What else can you do on a treadmill than running? Maybe there are some special sets of training?

In fact, in addition to running and walking on the treadmill more than anything and especially won’t do. You can change the speed, tilt angle, it will increase the efficiency of your workout. In addition, you can run with weights (legs and hands). By the way, running with weights on your hands well suited for drying hands and reshaping. You can still connect the running of the emissions of dumbbells, pumping biceps, but it is a training for those who already have running experience.

While running on a treadmill helps to lose weight?

I always say that the result depends on the amount of work. If you after a workout just ran a small bead of sweat on the cheek, then the result will be. But if you have worked with normal acceleration and shortness of breath (she must be), then Yes, running will help you lose weight. The most effective running for weight loss – interval, and at the end of training should be not only difficult, need to almost podkashivatsya feet.

Are there any contraindications to practice on a treadmill?

Running is the most dangerous for the knees, and no matter healthy you have them, or already have problems. Sooner or later in the regular classroom will be pain and discomfort. To protect your joints, you need to pay special attention to proper running technique and run on special shoes. Sneakers with flat soles are not suitable for Jogging, they should be with a good cushioning system. Generally for running, it is the only specific problem. Other contraindications are the same as for other active sports: heart problems, high blood pressure, tachycardia. But, right running at a steady pace, almost like a pool, has no contraindications.

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