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Testosterone and its role in the body


Testosterone — the main male sex hormone, androgen. It is synthesized in the body testicles in men, ovaries in women and by the adrenal cortex in both sexes.

What affects testosterone levels in the body:

1. Of course on sexual desire (libido) and sexual potency;

2. A dream — a low level of testosterone leads to insomnia, and Vice

versa lack of sleep reduces the level of this hormone in the body;

3. On the growth of muscle mass and strengthening bones. Testosterone is involved in protein synthesis, stimulates the growth of muscle mass and strength, bone thickens and becomes more durable;

4. On the voice, hair growth;

5. On the cardiovascular system, improving its operation and reducing the likelihood of heart attack;

6. On adipose tissue — preventing its accumulation in the abdomen, thighs, buttocks.

How to increase testosterone levels in the body naturally?

1. Sleep . You must sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. During sleep the body goes into a mode of increased secretions of melatonin, growth hormone and testosterone, which confirms involuntary erection shortly before awakening. Additionally, when lack of sleep disrupts the function of the cardiovascular system, which further reduces the production of testosterone.

2. Food . The level of testosterone in the body is affected by the vitamins (especially C and E, and also F — polyunsaturated acids omega-3 and omega-6). That’s why bodybuilders and athletes generally recommend consuming increased amounts of vitamin C — up to 1000 mg per day, fish oil, Flaxseed and olive oil and nuts. Minerals . Directly involved in the synthesis of testosterone taking zinc, reduced level reduces the level of testosterone. Rich in zinc, such as nuts (walnuts, pine, peanut, coconut), seeds (pumpkin, sunflower), beef, beans. Fats . The synthesis of testosterone starts with the decomposition of cholesterol, so the lack of fat leads to reduced fertility. Protein . Source of cholesterol lipoproteins are — the complex molecules of protein and fat, therefore, sufficient intake of protein in foods positively affect testosterone levels. Carbohydrates . Carbohydrates (especially simple) stimulate insulin secretion, blocking the secretion of cortisol, enzyme reduces the level of testosterone. It is therefore important directly after a workout to replenish the supply of simple carbohydrates in the body.

3. Physical activity . Anaerobic, i.e. weight training, especially on your main groups of muscles) stimulate the synthesis of testosterone in the body. But do not forget to alternate these workouts with aerobic (Cycling, running, swimming), to strengthen the cardiovascular system and all muscle groups. These workouts improve blood circulation, it leads the body into order. And also the bike stimulates blood circulation in the genitals. Ride, enjoying massage and sex glands, stimulating the production of testosterone. Don’t forget to relax because peertranet has the opposite effect, reducing the level of testosterone.

Overweight is also a cause of reduced testosterone. When overweight, the body increases the production of estrogen — the female hormone. That is why it is important to exercise and bring your weight to normal.

A sedentary lifestyle leads to stagnation of blood in the genital organs, which negatively affects their functions. So if you have a sedentary lifestyle, then systematic load you just need. And the passion and rivalry accompany almost any kind of sport will also help to normalize the level of testosterone. More on that below.

4. The psychological aspect . As well as fear triggers the release of adrenaline in the blood, and laughter the release of serotonin, certain activities cause an increase of testosterone. To him belongs all that is somehow associated with the risk and contains a competitive aspect. Constantly it is better to overcome any difficulties and to fight fear, to compete with someone, then the level of testosterone you should not worry.

5. Medical drugs . For Example, Phosphatidylserine. Is a biologically active additive. Reduces the production of cortisol, which reduces testosterone level. This BAD has an effect of improving memory, for which he received the name of homologically memory. This fat component is present in the membranes of all cells, primarily cerebral. Is not a drug.

6. Douche and rubbing . Douche and rubbing of the whole body and pelvic region — is an efficient way to short-term increases in testosterone. If you enter these procedures in the system — this will significantly increase their effectiveness.

7. Sex . Regular sex life stimulates the hormonal system, but its absence leads to inhibition of reproductive functions. Sex is also good exercise, which even more increases the testosterone.

Testosterone and alcohol

After drinking alcohol, the testosterone level comes back to normal only 4-5 days. Especially negatively affected by the systematic use of alcohol, including beer (beer belly — one of the consequences of hormonal changes).

In a woman’s body the deficiency of testosterone affects fat storage, decreased libido, concentration, depression, dryness and thinness of the skin.

With age the level of testosterone is reduced, but this process can be slowed down. Lead an active lifestyle, exercise regularly, eat right, travel, get more impressions and don’t forget about sex ;-).