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Warm up before running. Stretching

Warm up before a run is often overlooked. And this despite our knowledge from the very first gym class that stretching necessarily precede sports.

Excuses may be different.

For example, some people just are lazy and hope that, if during your last workout, everything went smoothly, you can expect that during the next “blow over”.

Others believe that the warm-up takes precious energy, and it is not enough for a full run.

Still others are afraid of losing time.

But all these excuses do not stand any criticism, no consideration through the prism of common sense.

Imagine a driver who has just started the engine and immediately tries to drive the car. It is unlikely that the engine will last a long time, because he needed preliminary warming up. Similar problems may befall our cardiovascular system, if it is not pre-prepare for the load.

The energy savings during the warm-up is meaningless, because the cold body will get tired faster. And this will lead to a reduction in total training time.

Expend a few minutes to warm up – just a small fraction of the scale of the health and dividends from properly conducted classes (how to run ).

Why do I need to warm up before a run

The body is gently aspirated from the work on “idling” on max load. A soft entry allows you to avoid stress to the nervous system.

Warm up before run “warms up” our “flaming engine” that helps to run away from a heart attack and not to resort to it (on the treatment of running ).

To put into working condition joint and ligaments and muscles repeatedly reduces the risk of injury or sprain (on the treatment of sprains here ).

Adapted to loads with better body control, which reduces the chance of dropping or damage from any awkward movement.

“Running” to “high speed” metabolism actively helps us to consume the body fat.

Stretching exercises and advice on how to conduct

The suggested exercises and recommendations suggest their use as an option workout. After a while, learning to feel the needs of your body, muscles and ligaments, you will begin to use their funds for proper inclusion in the running.

Following to the place of Commission of Jogging, move slowly at first, gradually accelerating to a rapid step.

As warm-up exercises perform a variety of rotations and leg swings and hands. Do not forget to develop the neck. Make trunk bending sideways, forward and backward. So you prepare for the load of the joints, ligaments, neck and lower back.

Slowly squat a few times at full stop; raise up on your toes. Do lunges forward and to the side. By moving, accented by muscle strain, try to feel the ligaments.

Exercises for warm-up takes approximately 15 minutes.

In the warm-up before run perfectly “fit” static exercises . including the “strip” and similar. Thanks statics is possible with minimal time spent efficiently to load the muscles, tendons and heart.

It is possible to remember to include a preliminary set of motion from physical education lessons.

Achieving fast pulse, and sweating a little, you can start Jogging .

The first hundred meters should be seen as a warm-up. Move first as slowly as possible, slowly increasing the tempo. And once you walk in the rhythm of work, dial the desired “cruising” speed. Not particularly in a hurry, getting ready to run over rough terrain .

Qualitatively, the warm-up before a run will help to conduct training with maximum efficiency, security, health and enjoyment for body and soul.

And the last tip: listen carefully to your body, and you will in time learn to understand what exercises to workout the right for you and right now.