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  Free fitness — exercises for weight loss on every day now accessible to everyone. A gym membership is increasingly becoming a very expensive pleasure, accompanied inconvenient timetable visit. However,…

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Workout on treadmill for weight loss. Options-exercise treadmill
  Treadmill well burns calories, it's a great cardiovascular workout that you can use at home. However, to get the desired results, you need to properly train and observe the…

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Rubber flooring in gyms and garages, on the playgrounds and in production

Building materials market is updated daily with a coating made of rubber. Such products as rubber flooring for garage and the street are widely used at the consumer. Every day there are new products that can be used in gyms and on playgrounds. Today it is impossible to refuse the use of rubber, which is the main material in the production, which produce rubber flooring for Parking lots and large industrial premises. Such popularity of conventional material acquired thanks to its unique features:

The ability to withstand heavy loads

Durable to use material

The ease and simplicity of maintenance

Elasticity creates comfortable feeling when driving

Antistatic and fire protection

Resistance to solvents and other reactive drugs

No sliding effect

The quality of the floor in the gym and the gym at the Playground

Sport is becoming an integral part of our society, but the classes in the halls will be useful only when provided with a safe environment. Rubber flooring for gymnasiums meet all the requirements to the equipment of the sexes in places with high static load. In gyms not only professionals and those who came to the section of OFP for the first time. Here is the equipment, simulators. Durable and safe rubber flooring for gym gives a guarantee of safe practice in any simulator. By damping it allows you to properly optimize the load during jumping, running. Even when the wrong landing excluded spinal injury and is reduced to a minimum the risk of injuries.

Playground area of joy and recreation for the kids. How often it becomes a place where kids get hurt. To avoid nasty falls will allow the rubber covering for playgrounds. It does not only beautify the place, but even make it to the safe zone. To install the flooring on the Playground or in the gym does not need any supernatural skills or fancy equipment. The material is presented in the form of rolls or individual plates, made of crumb rubber. Simple connection by means of locks ensure a tight seal segments to each other. Repair coverage is sufficient to replace a few tiles, unusable, and a sports hall or a favorite Playground can offer its services to outdoor enthusiasts. Rubber outdoor coil coating – the price of a safe childhood and the health of our athletes.

Floors in garages and industrial buildings

For a long time, the floors in garages and industrial buildings were cement. All this time they served as a source of increased moisture. They quickly gathered dust, and to clean these floors with water is impractical. That all changed when the dusty cement came rubber flooring for garages. Its major advantages are that it is resistant to loads, wear-resistant, not afraid of external exposure to corrosive materials. Owners of garages, choosing rubber cover, pay attention to the durability of the material in use, resistance to acid splashes or oil and gasoline to the surface. All these qualities have rubber flooring for garage that can easily fit on epoxy flooring and are a joy to serve the master and to protect the car from corrosion, which causes dampness. For the garage are considered to be more practical roll coating, which give a small number of joints. This simplifies the already easy-care flooring. Rubber flooring price is also quite loyal, which is always nice for the buyer. This is due to the production technology of materials from cheap components, many of which are obtained by recycling of raw materials. Good coverage is not afraid of the big pressure and a decent weight. Resistance to heavy load – the main quality that the vendor has awarded rubber flooring Transformer. It is easy to clean and is not afraid of water. These coatings are increasingly lined the floors at the service stations and car washes, where day passes for the flow of cars.