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Workout on treadmill for weight loss. Options-exercise treadmill


Treadmill well burns calories, it’s a great cardiovascular workout that you can use at home. However, to get the desired results, you need to properly train and observe the exercise. Only then lessons on the simulator will be really effective.

In this article we will explain what workouts on the treadmill are, how they perform to achieve the desired results. Exercises are listed in order of

increasing load. The first option classes – is the easiest, it is quite suitable for beginners.

Treadmill for weight loss ideal: it helps burn calories. For best results, you can adjust the load at its discretion, to change the rest time, speed, angle of incline. Adjusting the following training at the required level, you are much more able to achieve goals.

You can change the characteristics of the built-in programs offered by the manufacturer, and can – to set the required load level manually. Before training put next to a bottle of water – during physical exercise you will need to replenish fluids in the body. Drink more, it is good for health.

So if you’re ready, go!

Walking on a treadmill

The ideal workout for beginners. If you’ve never worked on a treadmill, start to master this exercise. First, it will allow you to get used to the simulator, to see its main features. Secondly, the load is received during the execution of such exercises is minimal, so it can in no way harm your health. If you don’t move at all in everyday life, walking on the treadmill – the optimal exercise to start.

during a workout on a treadmill heart rate monitor, use special sensors;

take your time, follow the technique of execution.

The sequence of the exercise:

warm up for 2-3 minutes – go on to the canvas with a 3% rise and a standard speed of 5 km/h;

3-6 minute – continue to move with a speed of 5 km/h, increasing lift fabric up to 12%;

7-10 minute – increase the speed to 7 km/h, and the angle of the blade, on the contrary, reduce up to 5%;

11-14 minute – return to initial speed of 5 km/h, and the slope increase to 15%;

15-18 minute – reduce the incline to 7% and increase the speed to 6.5-7 km/h;

19-20 minute – reduce the incline to 3%, speed still leave;

hitch 3-5 minutes – walking on a treadmill at a speed of 5 km/h go on to the canvas without tilting.

Training on a treadmill with constant workload

This low-intensity exercise with long duration of time. It is popular among athletes because it allows you to maintain the body in good shape during the holidays from sporting events. Such an exercise on a treadmill is also ideal for beginners. If necessary, you can increase the intensity and length of sessions.

watch for heart rate, use special sensors that are installed on the simulator;

change the intensity if weight for you is.

The sequence of the exercise:

5 minutes of warm up – running on a treadmill at a speed of 3-6 km/h, with a canvas tilt;

30-minute workout – when the incline of 2-3% run at speeds of 6-12 km/h;

5-minute hitch – without lifting the blade run at speeds 6-3 km/h.

Interval training on the treadmill

It is a training for those who are constantly involved in sports and supports your body in good shape. Monitor the heart rate during exercise, and don’t forget to drink water.

Option 1


without lifting belt run 5 minutes at a speed of 3-6 km/h;

perform 3 sets of 2 km and a break in between for 3 minutes each, from approach to approach, increase the speed and incline;

bases lift blade run on the treadmill for 5 minutes, reduce the speed from 6 to 3 km/h.

Option 2


warm-up – running on a treadmill for 5 minutes at a speed of 3-6 km/h, the canvas Express without tilt;

basic training – 12 approaches 500 m, 2 minutes rest between sets, increase the loading from approach to approach.

hitch – 5 minutes without lifting the blade runs on the treadmill at a speed of 6-3 km/h.

Option 3. Pyramid interval training

Great for runners with more experience, for a beginner can seem daunting. The essence of training is the alternating stress: first, you go the distance with high intensity, then – with low. A good option for losing weight with treadmill.

control your heart rate;

drink adequate amounts of fluid;

adjust the load in accordance with his condition.

The drill:

5 minutes warm-up (movement at a speed of 3-6 km/h without lifting the blade);

3 minutes Jogging with high intensity (high speed and lift the running belt), 3 minutes running with low intensity (low speed and no incline);

4 minutes running with high intensity, 4 minutes running with low intensity;

5 minutes Jogging with high intensity, 5 minutes running with low intensity;

4 minutes Jogging with high intensity, 4 minutes running with low intensity;

3 minutes Jogging with high intensity, 3 minutes running with low intensity;

5 minute hitch (run with no incline, the speed will gradually decrease from 6 to 3 km/h).

These workouts on a treadmill will help you achieve your goals. Don’t forget during the lessons to monitor their heart rate, drinking adequate amount of water and gradually increase the intensity.