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Fitness exercises for weight loss on every day Daily Sports magazine Vision


Free fitness — exercises for weight loss on every day now accessible to everyone. A gym membership is increasingly becoming a very expensive pleasure, accompanied inconvenient timetable visit. However, this is not an argument to justify the fact that you have no time to do sports. In fact, you are able to improve your cardiovascular system and to keep the muscles in good shape, training at home.

Ten steps to losing weight

Hiking with Laundry, refusal elevators in favor of stairs and even a simple cleaning will help you stay in good physical shape and to burn extra fats. Here are some tips regarding creating your own exercise program that will not cost you anything except extra pounds and inches in the waist.

1. More stability

“Birch”, tilts back, stretching and other simple exercises can be performed on Swiss fitness balls (balls or stability). They are ideal for stretching your legs, warm-up and workout. Such a ball the size of 75 to 85 cm certainly help you achieve your goals. It can be used to perform more complex exercises: raising the ball with the foot or push-UPS with one hand while holding the lower body on the ball.

2. Jumping

Jumping is an excellent way to get exercise and increase the intensity of work of the cardiovascular system. The body prepare for more intense training. Just five minutes of jumping jacks after exercise stretching helps to tone and improve the overall condition of the human body. Jumping train shoulders, back, hips, shins, and also help to increase the overall stamina of the body.

3. On the floor!

Push-UPS and exercises for the press is a classic exercise for at home, watching TV, or on the road during travel or business trip. Pushups actively affect the chest, shoulders, abdominal muscles and triceps, while the torso lifts (exercises for the abdominals) help to develop the abdominal muscles. Japanese Minero Yoshida got into the Guinness Book of records after non-stop was wrung out from a floor 10507 times! However, no attempt will be made to world records and focus on optimal muscle loads are feasible for each of us. Try to do push-UPS 25-50 times for three or four passes. These exercises will be a great part of any workout.

4. Add load

During the execution of sit-UPS, flexion and extension of the biceps, increase the load by using the so-called “bracelets”. These sports accessories are very convenient while traveling and are from 6 to 20 dollars. First thing that you need to pay attention to is the color of the load. As a rule, yellow means low weight, red – medium, green – the maximum weight. During squats try to put legs apart. Hold your shoulders at the same level with the foot during squats and return to the starting position. For the development of the triceps raise your hand with the bracelet up, free hand holding the elbow of the outstretched arm, slowly bend your hand so that the palm bracelet appeared behind his head, and return the arm to its original position.

5. Laundry baskets

Fitness exercise for weight loss not necessarily represent a classical training. Wash – familiar to all of us exercise, which burns excess calories simple and natural way. Try to use weight basket for dirty linen sport. Lift the Laundry basket in front of his / her arms extended and hold for a while, then slowly lower. After a few exercises, you will feel as you train biceps, shoulders, chest muscles and abdominal muscles. Want to increase the load? Try to raise special bags with sand to increase the strength and endurance of the arms.

6. Stairs

Running the stairs at home or on the stairs of the city ‒ a great cardio workout! Try to run from 6 to 12 flights of stairs at the fastest possible speed for the one, making a short break of two to three minutes between races. During leisure, you can safely climb or descend the stairs to maintain the cardiovascular system in good shape. To increase the load step with each step by two steps. Define and maintain personal exercise regime heart with the help of Jogging, walking or Biking at least three to four times a week.

7. Dumbbells

You can use dumbbells at home during the execution of these exercises like flexion and extension of the arms to strengthen the biceps and triceps. To train the chest muscles using dumbbells, you need to lie back on the bench or on the floor, stretching his arms with dumbbells, holding them at chest level, then bend your arms and return them to the starting position. Lying face down, lifting the dumbbells from the floor and opening his arms, you will train the muscles of the back.

8. Presses from the chair

Allow yourself during the working day short break to train triceps, chest muscles and back muscles. No matter where you are – at home or in the office, as long as there was a chair with a back. Sit tight, hold hands on the sides of the seat, vitrifies forward, resting his feet on the floor. Return to the starting position and repeat ten times. The muscles of the lower back will be in good shape. And for such wonderful effect it is not necessary to pay!

9. To the Park!

Try to catch up on a tree branch in the Park or to do an exercise called the people “ladder”. This exercise trains your upper body. No time to go to the Park? Then set aside some funds for the equipment of this design house. The price of the bar ranges from 12 to 50 dollars (400-1500 rubles), and the benefits from this exercise are immeasurable.

10. Jump rope

Besides the obvious beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, jumping rope will help to develop coordination, agility, speed and endurance for $ 5 and even less (of the rope with the extra weight more expensive).

As you can see, fitness exercises for weight loss can literally invent on the move — it is enough just to do household chores.