Breathing exercises for weight loss the basics, rules, secrets
  Could you guess what efficient weight loss for men are the most difficult to perform? This regular exercise. And, despite their incredible efficiency, for most people, getting regular physical…

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A pilot study
  The study was conducted: Gerry Weber World (Germany), mbH Saluto society of sport and health, Diagnostic Institute, Dr. Elmar Vince. What is the impact of singlet oxygen Airnergy on…

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Reduce the effects of stress through physical activity


Once in a stressful situation, the person receives a “clamp” — area of tension in the mind, which then can be projected on the body. A large number of clips will lead to a sharp deterioration of health. To reduce the effects of stress or to minimize them, man a variety of ways. Unfortunately, most often it is the alcohol, which allows you to quickly get the result, but also quickly leads to self-destruction. Use it to relieve stress in no event it is impossible, except for the most severe

situations. Other methods may be equally effective, and the apparent complexity or duration associated with the lack of skills of their application.

The first and easiest method of stress relief is exercise. Modern city dweller considers that carries a very significant exercise. Actually, after a day in a couple of quarters, after an hour on public transport, the rest of the time he can devote to sitting on your chair or lying in front of the TV. The fatigue he is more concerned with psychological factors, and of course with lots of stressful situations. Physical exercise, if you start to do them, even when you “don’t want” can have in this situation amazing effect. After class usually begins to feel the joy, the hard psychological fatigue gives way to pleasant. Daytime problems somewhere evaporate.

The mechanism of the effect on the brain, in this case has several channels. Concentrating on the exercise, the person turns off their fixation on bad thoughts. Only one property can bring a positive effect. In the process of physical movement, the human body produces endorphins, which also reduces stress. Another effect associated with the physical component projecting on the mind and Vice versa. By entering into any slozhnolegirovannyj operation, the person uses different parts of the brain. Due to this may take the tension in these areas, which is not removed on a conscious level. An illustration of this phenomenon can serve as the adepts of yoga. Through physical exercise they come not only to physical health but also to the development of his consciousness. Importantly, such development would not be moved to the opposite extreme.

Because the benefits of exercise no doubt, the question may arise – What to do? In my humble opinion, the best type of physical activity is outdoor games. They are not boring, give the opportunity to communicate and have a lot of positive effects. But, unfortunately, to find the command room and the time for games is not easy. If so – use it. The second option physical activity can be a martial art or dance. Benefit they bring more, but have all the same flaws, and not every deciding on such classes. A third option might be yoga, or other similar gymnastics. Of their merits should highlight the lack of need for special hall, and a large amount of time. But in this case it is desirable to have an experienced coach.

A simpler alternative may become mandatory evening walk or jog. In some publications it is recommended to get a dog that will make in any situation display it to walk, and consequently making regular movements. Can also be useful Cycling or adherence to work on foot.

Purposeful physical activities, along with the advantages, require many factors. However, the effect of these exercises is a lot higher than the cost of them. Good mental health is only one of the rewards involved.