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Fitness for those over 30


Here is the paradox: the older you get, the more value youth and struggling to hold her. It only Brigitte Bardot can afford to say: “I will never leave their wrinkles, because I got too expensive”. But most women still want to stay young as long as possible.

Don’t try to “keep up” with the commands of the instructor, especially at first: read the heart rate and reduce the load if the beats of the heart “skips” for critical 140.

In the course is everything, and many beauty products, and diet, and “heavy artillery” in the form of plastic surgery. Today to correct external age-related changes – the question is not so exorbitant amounts. But unfortunately, not all signs of age can be removed using only the achievements of cosmetology. No wonder since ancient times it was believed that the true age of the woman first of all give a hand… and walk.

It is the ease of movement is a good indicator of the state of the whole organism, and therefore, biological young women. You can get rid of wrinkles, insert, white teeth, tighten the stomach and back weight myself at eighteen, but the body is not fooled. If you don’t hold it in “working” condition, then the first step on bent knees will give out all of your life experience.

No wonder they say that movement is life. Modern fitness clubs offer a wide range of programs (sometimes more than forty) which, as expected, you with benefit and pleasure will be using physical activity to fight for the improvement of the exterior. But how to choose the right training?

Let’s be realistic: for 40 years to engage with the same intensity as 20, is impossible. And even harmful. How to approach the selection of age sports programs?

Lelia Zavoina, fitness and Wellness consultant, President of the Wellness company Wellcom advises to begin to objectively evaluate their health. As a rule, special attention should be paid to the condition of the heart. joints, spine and blood vessels: these are parts of a living mechanism” over time, suffer most, and therefore, their training should be approached with special attention.

Physical exercise for anti-aging (anti-aging) the classroom should be designed to improve blood circulation in the body, prevention of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, correction of posture and improve the oxygen supply of the brain.

The basic rule for choosing the sports program “for those to whom for…” must be the identity and dosage of the load. To improve posture, you can do Pilates or Wellness training. To pump up the press and to strengthen the spine will help the special power classes, for example, functional training.

When performing any main motion is smooth, slow pace, no sudden movements, jumps and bumps. Should not be long and repetitive motions (for example, on the bike continuously pedaling need no more than 15 minutes). Even better, if the course structure involves exercises not on account of the instructor, and to the beat of his own breathing. Matters even the music is well-defined, ragged, haunting rhythm is just not but the background, meditation music will be just right.


The comment of the expert

“For best results, any sports activity should be especially meaningful. Simple following of the coach is not everything. You need to listen to your body, to understand that he “likes” and what is not. In combating age is not the overcoming, not the load can, and Vice versa, receive joy and pleasure from each movement. And over time, these movements will become more and more”.

Lelia Zavoina, fitness and Wellness consultant, President of the Wellness company Wellcom

To combat age-related problems fit all stretching exercises, balance training and coordination.

1. Pilates. various stretch courses, exercises with gymnastic orthopedic ball (fitball) is a law enforcement programs. Of dance – Latin, belly dance, body ballet. Ideally, you want to choose only those classes where the motion is mostly smooth, not sharp.

2. If the fitness club has a course of breathing exercises (preferably elementary) – great, don’t pass it by!

3. Pool – swimming, Aqua aerobics and all kinds of classes in water: due to the resistance of water work more (and stronger!) muscle and joint stress is minimal.

4. Classes, where, in addition to physical exertion required concentration, meditation, management of internal energy. This may be yoga, tai Chi and other Eastern practices.

You can, but be careful

1. A gym is possible only under constant supervision of a trainer, strength training and weight – small. Avoid trainers that give vertical load: additional stretching and compression of the spine in adulthood not only useless, but even harmful.

Consider the pulse

During any activity you need to check your heart rate: its frequency should not exceed 140 beats per minute (optimal – 120). On most modern machines have a counter pulse, if not – better to use individual bracelet-counter pulse.