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Recovery after training using assistive devices


Hello friends, today I will talk about recovery after training using assistive devices, as it is a necessary part in sports performance and in improving overall health. So, did you know that every organism that obtains physical and mental stress, need a break? Moreover, for the development of the muscles and loss of excess weight it is a prerequisite. That is, the key to your health is precisely the regularity, both in training and after, all it’s important to hold the balance, in this case, primarily to listen to your body, it tells you how much you healthy.

There are many tools for recuperation after physical and mental stress, and thus in both cases been overworking the nervous system is a very important part of our life. Consider the most basic methods of recovery:

— this is an excellent tool for total recovery after training. There are various kinds of massage and to choose the one that is to your liking, better consult a therapist(well they are now very much), but it is not required. But it will be good if you’ll pass massage courses, since a single case can only give you a visible effect, do not forget the systematic in all that relates to your health.

In the case where you do not have sufficient material resources, self-massage will give you the best alternative, or ask someone close to you. By the way, use a natural base oil(e.g., olive) with the addition of a couple drops of your favorite essential oil(for smell), that’s that, and the mood will rise immediately.

Eat natural vitamins

Nowadays you can already buy almost everything. When you face a choice, to buy a kilo of oranges or simply ascorbic acid – prefer the first, because “there are vitamins in jars for many a mystery. Do not think about it, better buy your favorite vegetables or fruits and eat them as often as possible, but do not neglect natural products(all should be the measure). Vitamins help, faster, recover and improve endurance.

Recovery after a workout in the steam room or sauna

Our muscles and nervous system — it is a very elaborate systems, like everything in the human body, but from the effects of heat on them, we get their “relaxation”. Sauna, steam room — it is a great assistant for recovery and relaxation. Useful if you have at least one day per week will be paid to bathing procedures, it can be said, an integral event to maintain muscle tone, improve blood circulation and improve your mental and emotional health. It is important to remember that these procedures are not for everyone, so to avoid mishaps, it is better to consult a doctor, because if there are contraindications, they should not be neglected. For example, in the bath is prohibited to go to those who have heart failure.


Water — a unique assistant, not only inside but also outside too. If you want your skin was supple and taut, daily wash under cold shower that will provide a rush of blood to all cells of the body and improve skin condition. If your goal is to relax, then slightly warm shower will help to relax the muscles and nervous system (as in the example of the bath).

The key to success in the water

About the benefits of water even children know. And it’s not just the water — it is a unique tool that speeds up your metabolism and improves the General condition. Generally, the amount you drink water depend on many factors: physical activity, weight and so on. But it is advisable to drink it at least two liters per day, this amount is sufficient for the body. Of course, to force yourself and don’t need immediately pour the two liters is also not necessary if you don’t like to drink clean water, start small, at least a liter of water a day, and then increase the dose up to two liters.

You can also cook healthy meals for himself, the so-called fruit drinks, fruit drinks, energy drinks(cocoa) and smoothies(mixing in a blender(mixer) berries, fruits or vegetables), they also give a great boost of energy and helps to restore the nervous system.


Generally a variety of treatments are designed to relax, clearly contribute to the recovery of the body. For example, you can just lie on the Mat and try to relax the whole body, trying to catch only those thoughts that relate to your health. Meditation will also help you find total relaxation and immediate restoration of body and soul.

Hardening water and swimming in the pool

Almost all of our recovery after the workout comes to interaction with water and this item is no exception. Not necessarily to be able to swim in order to access the pool from swimming you will receive a lot of benefits — in a great mood, physical loading and water massage(improve blood circulation). Also remember that there is hardening, which also helps to remove any kind of stress (whether it is emotions, whether it is exercise). Plus hardening in the fact that the entire body becomes stronger, and the immune system more able to deal with all sorts of diseases.

Walking in the fresh air

Don’t underestimate the power of walking, Biking, rollerblading or easy running. Of course, in our cyber — a time when man and the computer — these are the two inseparable parts, hard to imagine someone who spends an hour a day for a walk in the fresh air instead of sitting at the computer. This procedure will certainly improve your health and speed up the recovery process, especially if it will be in the area(Park forest), where a lot of trees and greenery, and not in a polluted city center. First of all, these walks will help to fill the body with oxygen, then you can get nice exercise and, of course, do not forget about good mood, which just provided, if you give yourself to nature and try to interact with it as a whole.


Many people tend to assume that the stretching of the muscles, ligaments and tendons is too load, but it’s not, stretching them, how would you lengthen them(trained) and help to develop faster. And delivers pleasure. You should never stretch cold ligaments, tendons and muscles. All follow your movements slow and steady, because you can overdo it and injure them.


Is it possible to combine physical activity and recovery after a workout at the same time? Definitely can! Through yoga, you get this effect, because the point is to survive in the asanas (specific racks) as long as possible and to learn, thus, to think and relax. Plus yoga is in the fact that you will develop incredible flexibility, both body and thinking. Do not start to practice yoga, only because it is fashionable, because the true purpose of yoga is to find harmony between body and spirit.


Actually, the impact on our mind and body odour is something mystical. Everyone has favorite flavors that cause a storm of positive feelings(good memories) and it’s not the perfume, now we are talking about the oils. You can take a bath, nakapag into it a few drops of your favorite oil, or you can buy an oil burner and every evening to pamper yourself with your favorite smells. This method is more suitable for women.


Probably, sounds, and scents, it’s something mystical to us. Not everyone has the ability to enjoy the sounds, but still, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the magical effects of sound, some people like the sound of rain, sound of the sea, but for some it is a combination of musical instruments(contemporary music) — it is something sacred, forcing there to relax. In General, try to light candles(optional), enable favorite sounds(music), close your eyes and relax, well, that must have set you on a positive wave and give new strength for new victories. Because have you noticed that many athletes before competition listen to your favorite music – it helps them tune, and for good reason.

Healthy sleep

One of the main restorative methods our body is the dream, because we met with him as soon as born. Healthy sleep(7-9 hours) is considered an indicator of the level of health, so it is perfectly restores all vital systems of our body and improves protein synthesis.

To summarize. As mentioned recovery after physical or mental stress is an integral part because our body also need to rest, for example, a reason nature was laid physiological process, like a dream. So, the basic ways to restore after a workout:

Eat natural vitamins(power)

Visit a bath or sauna

Use a shower

Drink water

Massage body

Use relaxation

Sagalevitch water and swim in the pool

Walk(ride, run) in the fresh air

Stretch the ligaments, muscles and tendons.

Do yoga

Use aromatherapy

Listen to pleasant sounds(music)

Aim for a healthy sleep

From all the above, you can choose any method of recovery, because I have listed the most affordable and effective ways. But how to choose — to solve it personally yourself. Just read a very useful article on this topic: Recovery after training .

Exercise, eat right and get better – good luck to You.