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The rules of the competition



Sports delegation to participate in competition on the day fixed by the regulations of the competitions. 20 days before the start of the competition, they must inform the organizing Committee of the competition

(hereinafter-the organizing Committee) the time of arrival and departure, mode of transport, the size of the delegation and to provide a preliminary application for participation in the competitions of standard sample according to the regulations of the competitions.

The organizing Committee is obliged to organize a meeting and sending sports teams, to provide transportation for delivery to the places of residence and conducting competitions and other events held in the framework of the competition. The organizing Committee has dealt with the place of accommodation and meals of participants.

Sports teams are fixed curators that provide information about competitions and liaison with the organizing Committee.

Members of the ground jury, invited to the competition, not part of the official delegation of their country and are provided with meals and accommodation at the expense of the host country.


The organizing Committee determines the composition of the credentials Committee, which is from 9.00 to 13.00 working documentation for the admission of participants. The Chairman of the credentials Committee is the report on the meeting of the race officials and team representatives.

The draw results are documented in a report signed by the Chairman of the credentials Committee and the chief Secretary of the competitions. The chief Secretary shall draw lots of sports teams.

For non-payment of the membership fee of the International sport Federation of firefighters and rescuers team to competitions is not allowed.

Credentials Committee and the draw shall be conducted to test the shells. The document proving the identity of the competitor, is the only passport or identity card.


All sports teams have the right the day before starts to conduct training (testing) on all types of competitions program.

Training is held in accordance with the schedule approved by the organizing Committee, not less than 15 minutes for each type. The organizing Committee is obliged to provide sports equipment, ammunition and equipment that meet the requirements of the Rules, on all tracks. After the workout, sports teams represent the technical Commission your sports equipment (ladder assault, etc.) for inspection for compliance with competition Rules and markings. Sports equipment (assault ladders and stairs for fire relay) shall be deposited with the commandant. The transfer is made by the act. Testing treadmills, training tower, sports equipment, ordnance and fire-fighting equipment in the days of the competitions is not allowed.

During the testing of shells ground jury (Deputy chief judge-judge, Deputy chief judge for technical support, senior judge, commandant) should be in their sectors.

Testing of shells is available on all types of programs. All sectors and shells should be ready.

Senior judge of all types should check out the technical part, including the operation of fire extinguishers, motor pumps and targets.


Ground jury must be international, including the chief judge.

The meeting of the race officials and team representatives is held at the time selected by the organizing Committee.

The meeting allowed:

members of the ground jury;

member of the organizing Committee;

– representatives of the teams (in the absence of a representative coach);

– representatives of the media.

The organizing Committee brings to present a program of events.

Team representatives shall have the right to decide matters concerning the preparation of sports facilities and other matters relating to the competition.

The results of the meeting the Protocol, signed by chief judge and the chief Secretary of the competitions.


The programme of competitions, the organizing Committee said. The program determines all events in the framework of the competition and is issued to heads of delegations on the day of arrival.

Binding is the organization of public catering (canteens, cafes, coffee).

It is recommended to conduct the Grand opening semi-final and final races.

Representatives of the teams and competitors must be familiar with the procedure of opening and closing of the competition, to meet the requirements of the judge according to the information and solemn ceremonies.

All athletic teams are required to participate in the opening and closing of the competition in accordance with scenarios.


The panel of judges arrives at the competition venue no later than 1 hour prior to the event. Senior judge by the form checks the training arena, instructs referees in appearance and shall report to the chief judge of readiness.

The organizing Committee provides a zone of access of competitors to the sports arena. Sports arena are all the spaces inside the stadium, excluding the rostrum. The venue of the sports disciplines must have a tape (or otherwise) of the fence.

Sports arena prohibited access persons not participating directly in the conduct of this type.

Within the sports arena is a panel of judges. 15 minutes before the start of the competition to the starting place for exploring participants are invited to the first three races, then according to the Protocol. After the race the participants were leaving the sports arena (2 minutes).

Check fire weapons carried out immediately before the race. When checking fire weapons, you need to consider a margin of error of measuring devices.

Re-inspection shall be conducted only when setting the record.

It is prohibited to enter sports track with a naked torso and short athletic shorts and a speedo.

Competitors are not allowed to go out onto the track during the race (warm-up). If you violate the contestant will be disqualified for this attempt.

The media representatives are allowed on the sports arena in strictly designated areas.

Protests submitted to the Secretariat of the competition where they are recorded. Decisions on appeals are taken by the main judiciary Board. The intervention of representatives, coaches, competitors and officials is not allowed.

In the validation of results involved only the main judiciary Board.

All decisions of the commissioners declared the judge-informer.

To allow for the solution of protests watch the video at the event, presented by the representative.


All sports teams should be present at the awards ceremony.

The panel of judges may decide not to participate the team or participant at the ceremony only for a good reason.

Team representatives should ensure timely attendance of its members to the ceremony.


Any participant of the international competitions must be a citizen of a country that gave him the application.

All disputes related to the determination of the country which a competitor may represent in international competitions shall be decided by the Executive Committee of the International sport Federation of firefighters and rescuers.

An official explanation

1. The party possessing the nationality of two or more countries at the same time, may represent only one of them, at their discretion. However, once the athlete has represented one country in the world Championships and other international competitions, he may not represent another country unless not applicable conditions of paragraph 2 (below) pertaining to persons who have changed their nationality or acquired a new nationality.

2. The athlete, who represents one country in the world Championships and other international competitions recognized by the International sport Federation of firefighters and rescuers, and who has changed his nationality or acquired a new, can not represent at the international competitions of his new country within one year after the change of nationality. This period may be reduced or even cancelled with the agreement of the National sports Federation to which the athlete was previously, and upon receiving the consent of the Executive Committee of the International sport Federation of firefighters and rescuers.

3. If the attached state, province or overseas territory, or country is a former colony acquires independence, if the attachment took place one country to another by changing the boundaries or if the international sport Federation of firefighters and rescuers recognizes new National sports Federation, the competitor may continue to represent the country whose citizen he is or was. However, if desired, he can represent his country or be declared its new National sports Federation, if one exists. This choice can only be made once.

4. In all cases, which are not specified in these Official clarification, especially in cases where the participant is forced to submit to another country and not the one whose citizen he is, or to choose the country he intends to present, the Executive Committee of the International sport Federation of firefighters and rescuers can take decisions in common and publish nature, as well as to formulate specific requirements regarding citizenship, nationality, permanent place of residence of the participants, including the length of the grace period.