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Recovery tool after exercise

Rest and recovery — a necessary and important component of any training process, whether it be running, Cycling, bodybuilding or chess. The actions or inaction that you take between workouts, have a huge impact on your results and health. Proper recovery allows you to train more often and more effectively, the wrong way — knocks back and damages


Unfortunately, most people do not pay enough attention to the recovery of muscles after exercise. This article will help to draw attention to important elements of recovery after physical exertion.

Why recovery after exercise is so important

Recovery after your workouts mainly affects «fix» torn muscles and tissues during physical activity, as well as to increase the strength and endurance of the entire body. Especially recovery is important after a hard workout at the gym or intense exercise outside.

In other words, in training we tortured my body and muscles, and now needs help to bring it back to normal.

The recovery time of muscles after exercise

Depending on the intensity of the loads, the muscles need 24 to 48 hours to restore, and load too early leads to tissue destruction instead of construction.


In this article, greatly to raise the topic of supercompensation I won — leave that for another article. Here, let’s just say that the idea (some call this idea a myth) supercompensation is that after training there is a certain period of time when you have to start the next workout for maximum efficiency and enhanced enhance athletic performance. Each person has a certain period of time is different, so everyone needs to study the issue yourself. Subscribe to blog updates, don’t miss this article

Recovery tool after exercise

Rehabilitation means so much, how many athletes on the planet, but I will give you the most common and recommended means to restore the body after exercise.

The restoration of body fluids. You lose a lot of water in the process loads, and ideally, you should fill it during training, but to make up after exercise — the easiest way to run the recovery processes in the body. Water accompanies all metabolic functions and the transfer of nutrients in the body, so it is very important that water in the body has had enough. Especially important to the recovery of the liquid in the sports of endurance, in which within a few hours then displays a huge amount of water.

To eat properly. In the process of stress depletes energy, it is therefore necessary to replenish these stocks, make the body to restore damaged muscle tissue, get stronger and be ready for the next test. This is very important for people who exercise on endurance, and also for those who seek to increase muscle mass. Several important recommendations on this item:

follow your daily consumption of calories. proteins. carbohydrates and fats .

shortly from bedtime, eat some light protein foods (such as cottage cheese or protein shake) — it will add a building material to be used at night

proteins must be present in every Breakfast — this will give the body the necessary ingredients to start/continue the recovery from the start of the day.

30-60 minutes before a workout is a light meal with protein and carbohydrates (protein shake)

within 30-60 minutes after loads of copious amounts of protein and carbohydrates to replenish depleted energy reserves.

Stretching. After each workout, make a complex stretch marks. This is a simple and quick way to help your muscles to start rebuilding (about stretch going to write a separate article and video — subscribe. not to miss)

Passive restoration and peace. Time is one of the best ways to recover (or heal) from almost all loads and disease. Our bodies amazing ability to heal, if you give him time. Rest after heavy loads allow regenerative processes to occur naturally. This is the easiest, but not the only way, as you have to recover after a workout. Of course, you can sometimes take advantage of this easy way.

Active restoration. Light, calm traffic and load improves circulation, which helps to carry nutrients and remove waste from the body. It helps muscle recovery and active energy replenishment. Active recovery is performed with the help of easy running, quiet riding bike, swimming in the first zone heart rate

Massage. Massage — pleasant procedure, which removes the clips in the muscles, improves circulation and allows you to completely relax. To avoid the high cost of this process, the feet may be massaged yourself, and the rest of the body to provide a wife or husband

The restoration of the cold. In recent years it became very popular to carry out the recovery process with the help of cold: cold baths, ice massage, contrast water procedures. All this allows you to recover faster, reduce fatigue in the muscles and prevent injury. In theory, repeatedly Contracting and expanding, the blood vessels helps remove (or flush) the products in the tissues.

within 24 hours after training will be fully immersed in a cold bath (10-12 degrees Celsius) or water with a temperature of 8-10 minutes

a douche should be taken each morning and after workout, ending the procedure with cold water

A good dream. While you sleep, amazing things happen in your body. Good sleep is important for everyone who is getting regular exercise. During sleep, the body produces growth hormone, which is responsible for the growth and repair of muscles.

Avoid overtraining. In the pursuit of results and big goals we are often drawn up an ambitious training program and seek to follow them without deviation. For our will power, this could be good, but the organism is frequently result in overtraining. The overtraining — a state of chronic exhaustion, when none of the recovery methods do not help.

Most importantly — to listen to your body and the body, which always tells us that it can and what not. Better to miss a workout or spend it in a more gentle mode (slower and/or shorter) than a few weeks to deal with the consequences of overtraining.

Meditation. Adding mental practice to their training process, will be a great support. Practicing mental rehearsal or following the program of awareness, there is an opportunity to improve their calm, clear attitude to the processes, to reduce anxiety and restlessness.

Famous mountaineer Ueli Steck, who broke several records for his speed ascents pays autogenic training almost the same time as physical.

Alcohol — the enemy of recovery. If you’re a supporter of the theory of cultural drink, you should know that studies have shown that any amount of ethanol contained in alcoholic beverages, interferes with the recovery process. I’m not saying that we should completely ban the consumption of alcohol (we do live in a free time), but if you intend to recover faster, you have to strike out alcohol from your eating plan.

Listen to your body for fast recovery after workouts

Once again, since this is the most important thing that you should remember from this article — listen to your body. If you feel tired, sick or notice a decline in the results you should reduce the intensity and number of loads for a while. Only to know how to distinguish the cancellation of training due to poor recovery and because of your laziness. Laziness, she is clever — all will make you to miss a workout, so be careful. If you feel great the next day after a hard workout — that’s no reason to slow down.

If you’re going to pay attention to their condition, in most cases your body will tell you what he needs and when. The problem is that many of us are unwilling to heed the warnings of our body, and we say something like «I can’t be tired — yesterday I was not trained» or «I need to train more and more, no matter what, if I want to resort/to come/to arrive at the scheduled time»

Frankly, I myself several times in the past suffered from the fact that not listening to your body. In the end — a few weeks off from training process, discarding the far back. Now I’ve grown wiser and more experienced.

I hope that means recovery after physical exertion, which I cited in this article will help you to recover more effectively, to train without injury and nasty shocks.

Please read the 4 most effective ways to train without injury. to make your training process more efficient and enjoyable.