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Effective morning exercise


One of the main things that makes me get up in the morning, is the presence of something delicious for Breakfast. Calorie waffle with syrup, fluffy chocolate croissant or a hot cheese sandwich… or a bowl of oatmeal, if the limit of waffles, muffins, and sandwiches for the last month I was exhausted. And to quickly burn eaten pangs of conscience, morning should start with a Cup of coffee, and with active charging in front of a mirror.

A complex of exercises for morning exercise does not necessarily have to

be every day the same. One morning you can start with a yoga Mat, the second – a heavy load on the press, and the third to devote to the exercises for all the muscle groups that burn fat immediately throughout the body.

1. Jump without the rope

First of all, need to warm up. This can be done by jumping, but not simple, and complemented by bending your legs.

Start position: hands up, feet together. A bounce, and after landing, immediately perform the next jump, but now with flexion of the left leg. It should be half bent and slightly retract. The left arm should be swung to the side, trying to feel the tension of the lateral abdominal muscles.

When landing always return your left hand on the seat and pull it up. Now repeat the procedure, replacing the direction.

Performing these jumps, you not just warm up all the muscles of the body but also bring the body into consciousness after sleep. In addition, thighs, arms and waist have a good load. You must perform 25-30 jumps, and then exhale to lower your upper body down, trying to reach to the floor. Lock this position for 20-30 seconds. Legs do not bend at the knees and back hold even.

2. Almost like ballet

In continuation of the work on the hips need to stand in front of a mirror, so that his feet were visible.

Start position: heels close, toes apart, hands spread to the sides, shoulders down. Bend your left leg at the knee and lift up, fixing the foot and ankle. Then expand the hip in the opposite direction and bring the leg into place, straightening the knee and making a small swing to the side.

Exercise must be done 15 times for each leg. You can alternate left and right, or time to do 15 reps on one thigh, and then 15 for the second. In order not to lose your balance, tighten the muscles and pull in the buttocks. The effect will be twice or three times better.

3. From tussock to tussock

Continue awakening and fat burning, and help us now, jumping from side to side.

Primary position: widely spread your legs apart, bending them at the knees, and the body slightly tilt forward. Right hand lock on the chest, and the left slide to the side.

From this position, move the weight on the left leg and perform a jump to the side. The right leg thus hangs in the air. Immediately after that you need to do the jump back.

Need to make 30 jumps, while respecting one important rule: men have to do is clearly to the side, not moving forward. Hold back is flat and your arms should be parallel to the floor. The only way involves all the muscles of the body, and most of the load will experience thighs, calves and buttocks that most need a shake-up.

4. Disco ball

This exercise was branded movement-dancing girls in the series “Wild angel”. Exactly the same moves as they performed on a hot Latin American dance floor. To improve the waist with the help of the dance movements are recommended for smooth floors without carpets. In extreme cases, to do exercise in any place, including asphalt, grass or hot sand at the beach.

My thoughts about the ocean stand in front of the mirror, hands lift up and slightly pull the housing (you should feel how tense the muscles in the waist area). The right leg aside and drag her body weight. From this position start to implement rotation, helping himself with his hands.

Dance can for as long as you like. But don’t forget to change direction and to perform a rotation in the opposite direction (so that the waist was pumped from both side).

5. No squats no cost

What a morning workout without squats? The best way to get involved in the work “the wind” and all the muscles – perform 30 sit-UPS on an imaginary chair. To complicate the task, squats can be supplemented by the raising of the hands to the sides, then pulling them forward and upward.

The most difficult are usually given squats with their hands up. Even the exercise itself shows us: “I give up, enough.” But you do not stop, and keep active warm-up!

6. Bruin bear

In this exercise, we will continue shifting from side to side, bringing benefits to the buttocks and thighs: legs spread shoulder-width apart, arms spread to the sides, bend your knees (this is called “to do plie”) and raise your left leg to the side.

Then go back to plie and lift right leg.

In the time between peremennymi from one foot to another, try to squat, maximum retracting the muscles of the buttocks and abdomen. Back hold this right. And remember your breath: the legs on the exhale better lift.

7. Jumping into push-up position

Fix the result of a morning exercise by doing jumping into push-up position. Starting position: squatting, putting hands in front of him, push on them. Jump move legs back, taking the starting position for push-UPS. You can also perform pushups, if you have physical training.

If push-UPS you are given, then just jump back and forth, moving his feet back and forth. No need to do the exercise quickly, but you have to follow the breath. Important point: the gluteus muscle and abdomen to keep energized.


1. Exercises should be done before Breakfast. Firstly, it will be more useful, and secondly, squats, jumps and push-UPS after a hearty Breakfast will be harder to get.

2. If you have a slippery floor apartment, for exercise wear shoes or sneakers. When you run the first and third exercises have a chance to fall, but this outcome, you probably won’t like.

3. Every morning, start drinking a glass of water. It is better to drink in bed so lifted before charging it took at least 5-10 minutes.

4. If in the process of charging, you get weak or dizzy, better stop classes, and get back to them after 1-1,5 hours after Breakfast. Of course, if you will have the time.