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Jogging track and how to race them


Treadmill, very unique invention of his time. Thanks to her, the man was able to start training, without leaving the premises.

One of the huge advantages of the treadmill is that you can carry out workouts of varying intensity and duration. This simulator allows us to perform different types of workouts: cardio. slimming, fat burning. strengthening the cardiovascular system.

What is the modern treadmill?

Treadmills come in two types: electrical and mechanical.

Electric treadmill is a device consisting of a rotating belt, handrails and monitor where you can pace yourself, speed training, increase the angle of elevation of the treadmill, as well as to control the amount of calories burned, to set different programs according to your physical capabilities.

Mechanical treadmill may consist of the same basic elements, and the main difference will be the only way of bringing the tracks in motion – thanks to the efforts of the athlete during the run.

The use of treadmill training

1. Regular exercises strengthen the cardiovascular and improves the broncho-pulmonary system.

2. Running burns body fat and calories, stimulates metabolic processes in the body, strengthens the immune system.

3. Workouts on a treadmill increase and develop endurance.

4. The leg muscles gain a beautiful shape.

5. When on the track well develop not only the muscles of the legs and shoulder girdle, due to the active amplitude Makhov hands.

Also remember that a treadmill is one of the best trainers in order to fully warm up before training.

How to walk on a treadmill correctly

Before the training session should be good to stretch the muscles of the legs and lower back

To train only in good health

Need special shoes (running shoes)

How much time should I devote to training

The duration and intensity of training on a treadmill depends on your goals. For example, you want to lose weight, squares, strengthen their cardiovascular system. In this case, your faithful companion will be a pulse. It will display your functional status. If the heart rate exceeds 140 beats per minute, need to slow down or temporarily stop your workout. A training session should be no less than 20 minutes, the maximum you define yourself.

Training program

1. Interval

Used for weight loss. The gist of it is that after a few minutes of Jogging, go on a fast walk or Jogging at an easy pace, about 6-7 km / hour, and then go back to intensive running, 9-10 km / hour.

2. Endurance training

Time lasts no less than 30 minutes, the speed should increase slowly (10 minutes), heart rate not greater than 100 beats per minute. After that should be running at maximum speed (10 minutes), after a 10 minute cooldown is important, that is Jogging at an easy pace for recovery heart rate.

3. Fat burning workout

This is the kind of workout that requires a 40 minute run, without interruptions and changes of speed, preferably in low tempo at a speed of not more than 8 km / hour or heart rate within 65 to 70% of the maximum (110-120).

4. To strengthen the cardiovascular system

Ordinary walking an average pace, speed not to exceed 6-6. 5 km / h, the duration of 20-30 minutes.

5. To train the muscles of the lower limbs

Walking at a medium pace at a speed of 6-6. 5 km / h with the weights (belt) or “uphill”. The duration will depend on your degree of fitness.

Benefits of training on treadmills

The ability to maintain yourself in good shape even at home.

Not injured ankles, because the surface of the simulator completely smooth.

The possibility of smooth adjustment of the pace of the workout, the visual control of movement using the monitor.

Is in full training.

Whom it is not advisable to walk on a treadmill

People suffering from diseases of the lower limb joints (arthritis and arthrosis).

During exacerbation of osteochondrosis.

In cardiovascular and broncho-pulmonary diseases.

In a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication.

While poor health.

Regular workouts on a treadmill will provide you with good health, excellent health and beautiful appearance.

The text was prepared by order of the fitness club World Gym Tit

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