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The formation of habits for a healthy lifestyle through the use of techniques of child fitness For


The problem of prevention of children’s diseases is one of the most relevant. That is why the adoption of a healthy lifestyle of the younger generation today should be considered in the practice of kindergartens, as one of the priorities of the humanization of education, because of how successfully manages the creation and strengthening of skills of a healthy

lifestyle in early childhood, depends to a subsequent real lifestyle and health. An important pedagogical goal should be the education of the children’s needs in health, advocacy for a healthy lifestyle.

Our main objective is the preservation and strengthening of physical, mental and social health of children through the integration of the educational process. System integration of educational areas is a combination of various forms of work with children, contributing to forming the foundations of a culture of health. This grouping of activities allows for the enhancement of children’s level of responsibility in relation to their health, provides the knowledge of the organism, brings up the need of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The relevance of this work stems from the search for more effective ways of teaching influences physical and intellectual education of children of preschool age when creating zdorovesberegayuschie environment in the MUNICIPAL budget preschool educational institution.

At the present time in connection with the alarming trend of deterioration of children’s health there is a need for the successful integration of preventive and health technologies in the educational process of the MUNICIPAL budget preschool educational institution.

The modern system of fitness training “Fitness” (fitness) is known worldwide as one of the most effective and popular technologies of physical education and sport. The uniqueness of fitness is that based on the huge Arsenal of moves, it engages all the muscles and joints of the body and develops them.

The use in sports and recreation activities of MUNICIPAL methods of fitness guarantees children the correct development of the functional systems of the body, good posture, easy gait, is an excellent prevention of scoliosis and flat feet, provides children communication skills, forms of moral-volitional qualities, the habit of a healthy lifestyle.

Children’s fitness – well-designed children’s physical activity: the restorative and formative vital skills. This can include a specially selected music using a variety of sports equipment that strengthen their muscles, increase the ability to navigate in space, develop coordination and agility of movement, sense of rhythm, flexibility, attention and speed of reaction.

This program is actual for our kindergarten, as it:

1) Designed in accordance with the goals and objectives kindergarten: nurturing a moral, spiritually and physically healthy person.

2) According to annual health survey 50% of children have any health pathology. “D” – cost accounting 3 children from 18.

3) Parents are often incompetent in matters of strengthening of health of children.

The program is tailored to the age of the children, their intellectual and mental development, awareness of the need to lead a healthy lifestyle and improve your health and also with the knowledge of parents about the health of their children.

The habit of a healthy lifestyle is the primary, basic, vital habit; it accumulates the result of the use of available facilities of physical education of preschool children in order to address health, education and educational tasks. Therefore, pre-school and family are called in preschool childhood, to lay the foundations of a healthy lifestyle, using various forms of work. And it is in the family, in children’s educational institution at an early stage of development the child needs help as early as possible to understand the enduring value of health, to realize his purpose in life, to encourage the baby to independently and actively create, save and grow their health. To actively influence the position of the child in relation to their own health, we, educators, need to know first of all that the term “health” is ambiguous. The condition is a result of the interaction of external (natural and social) and internal (heredity, gender, age) factors.

The purpose of the experience.

Strengthening of health of pupils, the activation and development of motor activity of children with a close relationship with their cognitive and mental activity by means of the game.

Methods and techniques of work.

In the experience used a combination of methods children’s fitness:


-rhythmic gymnastics,

elements of strength training and articular gymnastics

In conjunction with Wellness technologies: breathing, kinesiology, finger, audio exercises, relaxation, elements of psychogenetic, eyes exercise, therapy, fairy tale therapy, music therapy, color therapy.

Methods and techniques:

Depending on the assigned tasks in the classroom, different methods are used: verbal, visual, practical, often relies on a combination of these methods.

Verbal methods: interviews, questions, figurative word (poetry, riddles, Proverbs, explanations, reminders, encouragement, analysis of the result of their own activities and activities of companions.

Visual method: display, demonstration, posters, drawings and diagrams provide visual and auditory comprehension actions. View, and sometimes listening to the tempo, rhythm, movements create in the students a more comprehensive view of the action that extends an indicative basis for later playback.

A practical method plays a crucial role in the formation of the motor

skills development and improvement in children. It is, as a rule, the repetition of the exercises get progressively harder conditions and increased loads.