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Muscle Recovery


— Restore hormonal levels. Hormones are very important regulators of our body. Any stress seriously affects our endocrine system. First of all there is a surge of stress (Catabolic) hormones. In particular cortisol. And testosterone (opposite – anabolically) hormone will rise for a short time, then to fall below the original. This hormonal imbalance caused by the training session will last just over a day. I.e., recovering a little longer than energy. But…It’s in ideal conditions. But in practice, if you trained chest today, and tomorrow I go to train your back, your hormone level is quite possibly not have time to fully recover before the

new stress and deepens each time more and more. That’s why weekends to train every day – the idea is not very good. That’s why all of the splits is always plenty of “oiled” days off to fully restore hormonal and energy.

-Recovery of muscle fibers. Once you’ve injured your muscles load begins their healing. And the speed of this process can be very different. It depends primarily on traumatic load. In principle, if the load is light, the muscles can be fine in a day. The average load will increase the time to 2 days. If you are going to injure your muscles very heavy negative movements and make training very large, you might need a week or two for full recovery and superbacteria (growth).

It is very important that at the beginning of the recovery is much faster than later. For example, if the load wore a medium character, you will restore your muscles to 80-85% in the first day and only 15-20% for the second. In addition, muscle damage can be so traumatic that it will lead to leakage of intracellular calcium, which in turn greatly lengthen the recovery period. This is another reason for the effectiveness of periodizacii loads in a gym when you after a hard workout perform easy.

— the Restoration of the nervous system. In training your muscles is reduced due to the fact that your brain tells them to do it. This process is a work and therefore causes fatigue of the nervous system. Many now think: Bullshit! Sleep and in the morning I’ll be fresh as a Daisy. Because I have strong nerves. Alas, dear catenin. Forced to disappoint. It is the nervous system requires very long vacation. No muscles, no energy and no hormones, and BRAINS. Was conducted a lot of studies that have proven that after a hard workout muscles can recover in 4-5 days, but the nervous system is required for a couple of days more.

That is why the nervous system is the main limiting factor, with physical exercise. It is your nerves require maximum long rest.


The harder you train, the more time you need for recovery and the less likely you will be able to train.

The more often you train, the easier it should be your training

The functions of the body regenerate at different speeds: first energy, then hormones, then muscle, then nerves

Training in the moment when you haven’t vosstanovle K. L. function leads to further “injury” of this function and may prove to be the result of a “plateau” (stop progress). It is therefore important weekends.

The more weight on the bar, the more strained nervous system is the main limiter of recovery.

The smaller the weights, the less injured muscle fibers – the main reasons of weight gain.

Looking for a middle ground, not gold plated.

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