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Morning exercise – Physical activity

For many, the very phrase “morning exercises” reeks of mothballs – probably because it is associated with obsessive-cheerful sounds of the morning broadcast of Soviet times. Meanwhile, experts call the morning the best time for the gym, and it is laid down by nature itself; if you set up an experiment: you will wake up with the sun and not to stay in the evening, then after only a week or two of life is in the morning will have to rush your courage and desire to move.

Morning exercise – it is a relatively short set of exercises or a small set of motor activity performed in the early morning, before the start of daily affairs. The main objective of the morning exercise, as opposed to full fitness complex – is not so much intensive training as an awakening, the emergence of a feeling of cheerfulness, tone. Hence, the charging program, for example, are not taken seriously in the morning to perform strength exercises. as well as to engage in a long exhausting aerobic fitness views.

The mean duration of morning exercise 20-30 minutes. Shorter classes – 5-10
minutes – are rather easy warm-up and longer pull already full workout. And for 20-30 minutes you just have time to cheer up and bring your body alert.

The main “plus” morning exercises – in her daily. Regularity can work wonders: even more intense, but rare workout produce worse results than modest, but the daily exercises. Therefore, if you want to see a specific effect (for example, make the waist thinner or stronger hand), be sure to include a pair of corresponding basic exercises in morning exercises they will slowly, but surely, shape your body, each day bringing you to your destination.

Use morning exercises:

• Improve blood circulation. Blood circulation after sleep always “at a minimum” and exercises raise vascular tone. The better the circulation, the better the work of all organs and body as a whole.

• «Run” the heart and lungs. If your charger is not completely static, exercises to get to work your heart and lungs in a more intense manner than usual. And he did it gently and gradually.

• Vivacity. In terms of generating vitality with a half-hour morning exercises can compete only douche. After it is elementary to you easier and more enjoyable to drive, ready for work, doing their usual business.

• The psychological tone. Get out of bed and start a new day often difficult not because of some physical tiredness or weakness (if you are healthy and sleep at least 5-6 hours, she simply nowhere to take), but because of the low psychological tone. Morning exercise solves this question after it you will feel completely awake and ready to move on. Many while charging mentally scroll the list for the day, the most important tasks, upcoming events – and therefore morally prepared for them, which also contributes to the psychological tone.

5 morning exercises options

Option 1: Stretching

A short set of stretching exercises. Objective: To stretch your joints, muscles, ligaments, “stretch”. Suitable for anyone who wakes up slowly and painfully. You will need only a rug and moderately cheerful music. The exercise program can be both yoga asanas and exercises of Pilates. and classic stretching.

Option 2: Morning jogging

Short morning run – the perfect way to wake up. The purpose of “warm up” the body to get to work the heart, lungs, all the muscle groups. Even a 20-minute jog – a decent load, so it is best suited “lark.” Important: The first 3-5 minutes dedicate workout.

Option 3: A set of exercises

Simple and perfect for you personally a set of exercises will help you maintain muscle tone. Exercise can be any but the most obvious application: sit-ups, push-ups, twisting, bending, torso twists, simple exercises with dumbbells. Simply select your favorite and effective for you to exercise and make them each morning.

Option 4: Aerobic charge

A short morning practice, which includes any kind of aerobic activity. classes at the gym, swim in the pool, even dancing – all you have available, and what a pleasure to deal with. Make a short warm-up, and then gradually increase the intensity. If you complete a charge contrast shower, the effect is magical.

Option 5: ultrashort

If you have absolutely no time, ultrashort charging – output. It takes only 7-10 minutes and includes some of the most important for you to exercise. For example, every morning you shake the press, squat and squeeze: it just takes about 10 minutes. Or are you within 5 minutes of jump rope (pre-stretch your joints).

Different types of morning exercises can be alternated, but you can do something alone. The main condition for the effective charge is that afterwards you have to feel awake, alert and ready for a new day.