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Yoga for weight loss. How to do yoga for weight loss. The advice and recommendations of experts about


Yoga is considered one of the most ancient of the world’s teachings. Images depicting yogis in characteristic poses, scientists found during the excavations of the most ancient cultures that existed thousands of years ago. Yoga is a method and a means of understanding the world, allowing you to develop and guide the ethical, mental and physical spheres of human life so that the man was perfectly healthy, both from a spiritual and physical point of view. That’s why lately so many sources speak about the positive impact of yoga on health, ranging from his mental state and

ending with the figure.

Whether yoga can help to lose weight?

Yes! However, choosing yoga for weight loss, you should not approach her so one-sided and think only about losing pounds. They will leave only when healing the body, cleansing it of toxins, repairing work of all internal organs and most importantly – establish harmony between spirit and body. That is, to lose weight in yoga is ensured not only through physical practice, and through an integrated approach to the way of life in General. Regular yoga contribute to the fact that in the body decreases production of stress hormones and accelerates insulin secretion. As a result, the food begins to be actively used by the body as fuel and not be delayed at the waist. Followers of yoga carefully monitor your diet, do not eat fatty, fried and artificial food, and if necessary resort to purification procedures, for example, in the form of an enema.

However, those who decided as a way to improve your body to go this route, it should be clearly understood that yoga for weight loss requires patience and consistency. Ideally, to practice you should find an experienced mentor. Of course, a mentor yourself today can be called by anyone who considers himself to be, even having bought his diploma. However, visiting the workout, you will soon be able to get an idea about the level of training the trainer.

As we have said, the yoga diet consists of physical exercises (asanas), of consciousness training and nutrition. Only with strict observance of all recommendations, a few months later you rejoice the first results. However, in contrast to the unsteady results of diets, these achievements will be persistent, as improvement of your health and disposition.

Before school coach will tell about existing contraindications. Widespread notion that yoga for weight loss may be appropriate for a person of any age and with any health, is incorrect. So, deciding to start exercising, consult your doctor.

Contraindications for yoga are sciatica, blood disorders, Central nervous system, cancer, pneumonia, tuberculosis and cardiopathy.

Features loads in yoga

In contrast to the classical aerobic exercise or strength training in the gym, in yoga a complex load on the body. It is based on an isometric exercise, that is, the muscles of the body tense, but without significant changes in its length and joint movement. The exercises in yoga are combined with a special technique of breathing that can speed up the metabolism in the body.

There are many varieties of yoga. There are classic gymnastics submitted by Hatha yoga and Kundalini yoga. As a result of adaptation of these complexes and their partial dilution with modern training appeared Ashtanga yoga, power yoga and Bikram yoga is the most effective weight loss types of workouts.

Ashtanga yoga is the most dynamic kind of yoga. It should choose people with good physical fitness. Asanas in it are changing quickly and in a clear sequence, between them there is a ligament – Vinyasa. The first complex is represented by 90 positions, in which it is necessary to refrain from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. About 70% of the exercises are static, others are dynamic.

In power yoga asanas Ashtanga yoga combined with aerobics and the pause between them is not provided. Instead pauses are breathing exercises and stretching needed to remove lactic acid from the muscles. Using the power of yoga not only reset the extra weight, but also increasing muscle mass. Power yoga for weight loss can choose even people who have not had experience training.

Bikram yoga is an exotic variety of yoga classes which require the simulation of climatic conditions in India. In the room where classes are held, should be the temperature more than 40 degrees and no humidity below 40%. The meaning is that the classes promote active perspiration, with which the body gets rid of excess moisture and toxins. Complex Bikram yoga are 26 classic asanas and breathing exercises. It is believed that Bikram yoga over other fat burning. People diagnosed with disorders of the cardio-vascular system and lung disease, should before the start of classes should consult with a doctor.

Thus, those who are interested in yoga for weight loss, you can choose the most suitable type and be addressed to achieve the desired result.

Yoga for weight loss – how to engage?

Yoga exercises for weight loss are performed several times a week (at least 3-4). Those who do not have opportunities to engage with a mentor, can do at home, for example, after reviewing the complex of exercises on the Internet. In the practice of the house has its pros and cons. The undoubted pluses include free schedule and no need to buy expensive workout clothing and equipment. Homework can be limited by any small rug, and cotton clothing.

The main disadvantage of home yoga for weight loss is that their efficiency can be much lower compared to the practice with a coach. The fact that the trainer can provide professional assistance in selecting the type of yoga, postures and loads acceptable to the state of your body at this stage. That’s why experts recommend at least the basic movements of yoga to learn under the guidance of a mentor, attending a yoga centre at least during the first three months, and then if you want you can do at home yourself.

Yoga for weight loss will not help those who do not change their usual diet for more useful and low-calorie. However, much more important for those who are starting to practice yoga for weight loss, first, to be able to properly direct your thoughts, your spirit. Then to establish a healthy diet will be much easier.

There are a few General rules that you should follow when practicing yoga:

– before beginning, be sure to ventilate the room;

– for exercises be sure to use a Mat;

– the best time to practice is early morning or hours before bedtime;

– should breathe only through the nose;

– to do the exercises after 3 hours or more after meals so that the stomach was empty;

– during the lessons is not to overstrain the muscles, allowing the pain and overload;

– the exercises must conform to the principle “from simple to complex”.

Yoga for weight loss can be included in the set of exercises more active sports: Jogging, step aerobics, swimming, dancing. But good, it did not bring. However, starting to do yoga to lose weight, do not constantly think about weight loss. The main value of yoga lies in attaining mental and physical health. If you stick to this goal, yoga for weight loss will bring you the reward of a beautiful body, excellent health and a positive Outlook on the world.