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Workout on a treadmill for a beginner


Many people first coming to the fitness center, begin their sessions with the treadmill. It seems simple and straightforward, does not require at first glance any special skills available to every visitor. However, the treadmill was not as simple simulator, how do you think newcomers to its development should be approached responsibly. The fact that the wrong choice threatens either no effect, or quick fatigue. Of course, if You are an experienced coach, it’s nothing to worry about, he knows all the

details and make You an individual program. However, not all fitness centers provide visitors with competent specialists, as a rule, in our country have to rely only on yourself, your knowledge, your experience. Of course, the staff of the fitness center will show You how to enable or use a particular simulator, however, about individual training under the supervision of a specialist speech usually goes.
So, let’s start. For normal classes on the treadmill, you need to determine your pulse, respectively, connect the heart rate monitor at the right moment. Run the treadmill, set the speed of 4.5 kilometers per hour and start the lesson. At this rate, You’ll be stepping, that’s average walking speed. After about ten minutes, stop and remeasure the pulse, its value will depend on everything else.

1) If the value does not exceed 100 beats per minute, you can safely begin interval training (more on them below), in which the fitness is considered the main occupation on the treadmill.

2) If the value of 100-130 beats per minute, You need to work in slow mode, it is allowed to perform interval training, but in a simplified version, without full load.

3) If the value is more than 130 beats per minute, you need to work on yourself, on physical endurance. Interval training on a treadmill is prohibited, you can use it only for the appearance of fatigue.

So, now we move on to the next step, namely the calculation of the load interval training. Increase the speed to 7 miles per hour and turn on the stopwatch.

1. If after 1-3 minutes You are already hard to breathe and you may not continue a exercise and interval training you are not ready, work on endurance, after a while you can skip to step 2.

2. If You lasted 3 to 4 minutes, are You ready for interval training, however, they will be held in the Lite version. The fact that the full load can be too much to act on the heart.

Interval training type lightweight :

a) Turn on the heart rate monitor and experiment. You need to find the speed at which 2 minutes later, Your heart rate will be within the boundaries of 140-160 beats per minute. Undecided? Remember readings. It will be a fast part of the interval. The slow part 7 kilometers per hour.

b) Actually, we now turn to interval training type lightweight. Include a treadmill and begin the slow part of the workout (speed 7 km/h). After 3 minutes quick start part, that is accelerating. After two minutes again to go slow. Then again accelerated. Once You understand that the load is too high, stop the treadmill and stop training. First, the beginner gets tired very quickly, he gets in a rhythm, improves endurance, and fat folds gradually disappear. The maximum length of lesson 30 minutes.

3. If at a speed of 7 km/h You lasted more than four minutes, Your physical condition is satisfactory, You are ready to complete interval training.

a) Turn on pulse meter and experiment with a treadmill. You need to find the speed after 1 minute Your heart rate will reach 160-170 beats per minute. Calculated? Remember this speed, it will be considered a fast part of the interval training on the treadmill. The slow movement occurs at a speed of 7 km/h.

b) Begin training on the treadmill (interval training with a full load) . Include the trainer, start the slow part of the workout, that is moving at a speed of 7 km/h within 4 minutes. After this accelerated one minute (the speed You already know) for fast part of the interval training. After a minute again, skip the slow parts and so on. Engaged until until you get tired. The first few lessons, You will not be able to hold out long, but after a while the treadmill will cause You fatigue one of its kind. The ideal duration of exercise is 30 minutes. However, make it can not everyone new to fitness, it is the result of long work on oneself.

Now some General advice. First, never mix interval training on the treadmill with strength training. It’s too big a burden not only for the beginner but for the experienced person who is engaged in fitness for years. Secondly, alternate days, or do workouts on the treadmill every day. Two to three sessions per week is enough. Thirdly, do not overdo it. This rule applies to all fitness exercise, not only for classes with a treadmill. The primary objective of fitness is to improve your physical fitness and burn extra calories to make your figure slim and beautiful. To bring your body to an extreme degree of fatigue is not worth it, it will most likely cause You to quit fitness than will benefit. Fourthly, nothing happens immediately. Like other fitness exercises, workout on the treadmill require a certain amount of time before it becomes noticeable positive result. Someone will take a month, and someone will have to wait longer.

Good luck with the training!