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Morning exercises – Exercises


Morning exercise — what you need to know about it, so she brought joy and a positive effect? First, do not confuse these two concepts — morning exercise and physical exercise. Morning exercise aims to accelerate the reduction of the body to a healthy state after sleep, improve the overall tone and mood, eliminate sleepiness and lethargy. Morning exercise is not intended to train the body.

Secondly, morning exercise should consist only of exercises for flexibility, mobility, breathing. Morning exercise is designed to enhance

the flow of blood and lymph circulation, activate metabolism and all life processes, eliminate stagnation after sleep. Morning exercise eliminates the use of exercises for strength and endurance.

Thirdly, morning exercise allows you to use as source positions, sitting and lying down. That is, you can start to do morning exercises, getting out of bed. Morning exercise instructs you to do everything slowly and without sudden movements. Morning exercise, but rather, its load and intensity, should be considerably less than in the daily workouts. In General, morning exercise should not cause fatigue. Because the body is still not quite awake and can’t work as hard.

So, here’s what exercises offers morning exercises:

Quiet walk with quiet breathing (1 minute);

Put your feet shoulder width apart, rise on the toes and lift the hands to the sides up and lower down with inhales and exhales (2-5 times);

Feet shoulder width apart, to make rotational movements of the head, tilt it left and right, forward and back, to the shoulders (2-5 times);

Place feet shoulder width apart, right hand lift up and stretch out to the left, left hand to take back or put on a belt (2-5 times with each hand);

Feet shoulder width apart, straighten your arm parallel to the floor, rotate your upper body left and right (2-5 times in each direction);

To keep feet shoulder width apart, bend forward and backward (2-5 times in each direction);

Leg swings backward, forward and sideways (2-5 times each foot);

Sitting on the floor, straighten the legs, to take fingers for toes (2-5 times);

Lying on your back, bend your knees, turn around so that her knees touched the floor (2-5 times each foot);

Kneeling, having rested her hands on the floor, to bend and to bend the back (2-5 times);

Sitting on all fours, stretch hands forward along the floor(2-5 times);

Sitting on the floor, straight legs spread wide, to stretch forth, to one or to the other leg (1 minute);

Put your feet shoulder width apart, perform a circular movement of his shoulders, and then straight arms (2-5 times);

the “Scissors” hands in front of him parallel to and perpendicular to the floor (2-5 times in each plane);

Put your feet together, arms bent in front of chest, do a dash forward with straight arms, then bent in front of chest on two accounts (2-5 times);

Squats in a quiet pace (2-5 times);

Quiet jumping on one leg, then another, then two together (1 minute);

Quiet running in place with the transition to walk (1 minute);

Put your feet shoulder width apart, rise on the toes and lift the hands to the sides up and lower down with inhales and exhales (2-5 times)

If you have diseases of the spine, it is better to do the exercises to consult with your doctor or with our expert .

To achieve the best effect of morning exercise should end water treatments: a sponge bath or cool shower.

Also on our website you can more details about charging for different age groups and to find the most convenient set of exercises.

We wish you a healthy morning exercise!

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