Dosed physical load – based rehabilitation of children with exogenous constitutional
  Currently worldwide, there are also increasing numbers of children with obesity. According to the International working group on obesity, presents the who, every tenth child of school age in…

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Morning physical exercises and many people do it
  Morning physical exercises are very important Morning physical exercises are very important for health and well being of the person. This statement, probably no one will object. Morning physical…

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The beneficial effects of massage on the body

Benefits of massage for health can not be overestimated, and for a little disordered or fully disordered body even more.

Health benefits begins on the first phase, light touches. The skin is cleaned of dead skin cells, improves breathing and circulation, open and clean the sebaceous and sweat glands. Open reserve capillaries, and the blood rushes through him, carrying away the dead cells, the wrong products of metabolism, which are formed by oxidative reactions in lack of oxygen

is the “wreckage” of the molecules of lactic acid and other organic acids. (all this and the sensation of pain, zapolonyayut all the space and not allowing the muscles to function normally, from the fact that oxygen and nutrients are not received in the right quantity) All bimetals blood flow from the corners. Deep and stagnant liquid, and with it, the puffiness, swelling and unhealthy appearance of Your skin. And if a massage after exercise, the working capacity of tired muscles is not only restored, but enhanced. It’s kinda the same workout, just lying down and relaxing is one of the best ways to fight physical inactivity.

Further, with deeper impact, affected not only the skin but also the subcutaneous fat, muscle tissue, joints, tendons. Because it stimulates the metabolism, burning excess body fat faster than if just during exercise. The muscles become more robust and they require less time for recovery – Your body is very grateful and always answers good for good.

The joints also become more elastic due to the fact that, again, again, improves and accelerates the nutrition, respiration and cell renewal. Increases range of motion in the joint, as it increases the elasticity of tendons, ligaments and muscles, gradually recovering articular tissue, disappear microtrauma and microcracks, which with age can lead to arthritis and sometimes to the complete immobilization of the limb. Regular treatments help get rid of scars and scar tissue, gradually replacing the hard connective tissue scar tender and fresh epidermis.

This applies not only to external scarring, but also joints and adhesions of internal organs. Gradually, step by step, they become less and less, until, finally, absolutely do not stop bothering.

Even if you choose for massaging specific area, increasing the flow rate of body fluids is ubiquitous. What is especially important, for example, if it is impossible to massage the whole body and in case of involuntary restriction of mobility (for injuries or long postoperative period). Peristalsis of the intestine, kidneys, liver, lungs improves. The entire body works well together and smoothly, thereby freeing up energy to fight the main problem.

It is based on this and massage of the reflex zones. For example, massage lumbosacral region of the spine, massage the soles of the feet or palms – fully activates the entire body. Our feet reflect our body is even remotely possible to work on different areas of the body. On the feet there are about seventy thousand nerve endings. This does not necessarily possess knowledge of Tibetan healers. Enough daily, before bedtime to do self-massage universal massager, after consulting with a specialist. Don’t be afraid to explore your body and analyze the response. Over time You will learn to listen to your body, recognizing the nuances – the main thing is to listen to him.

Massage not only customize a physical shell for improvement, but also energy, opening the gates for the flow of fresh energy, relieves emotional stress. Psychotherapeutic effect is obvious – some patients may need to cry, or laugh during the procedure. Removed barriers and resolve psychological problems. Massage, as a preamble and a Supplement to psychotherapy has long been used – relaxed tranquil setting offers. Because the person whom You have entrusted Your body, can be trusted and thoughts.

Usually, when you use massage oil, best for slide. Or various medicinal ointments, creams, compositions. Oil often, mineral, enriched with vitamin E, due to its relatively low cost. But it is better not to save, and choose olive, or, for example, from the seeds of almonds and necessarily cold pressed. This oil can be used as a standalone and as a basis for creating essential oils. Essential oils are volatile and even a couple of drops is enough. Their range is so great that each procedure can make a special – energizing, relaxing. Essential oils act on different bodies, thereby further improving the effect of massage. They penetrate through the skin, entering the bloodstream, but also through the lungs with the inhaled air, making each experience magical.

Massage is certainly not a panacea for all diseases, but if you do it properly, regularly, to combine with at least a minimum amount of exercise, follow a healthy lifestyle, well being, longevity, health, good humor and constant lift of vitality, which will be missed not only by You but others will become Your faithful companions. A different kind of illness, boredom, poor appearance, sagging – You’ll just forget about them forever. Fill the shallow river Your body with oxygen, vitality, energy and zest for life.