Workout on a treadmill for a beginner
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Respiratory gimnastika
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The method of hardening – Organizing and conducting classes


Classes tempering is best done in the morning before work, then the person receives a charge of vivacity for the entire labor day. Evening classes are often frustrated because of household chores, fatigue, guests, TV, theatre, cinema, etc. in the Evening, it is useful to take a refreshing shower or bath, to hold the feet in the water. It relieves fatigue, have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, the person falls asleep quickly and sleeps a peaceful, deep sleep. Sleep duration should be not less than 8 hours.

Mode must be supported and in the days free from classes, because the body gets used to sleep and rise at the same time. Waking up, can be done in bed a gentle massage of the face, neck, head and body. Then to rise, rinse mouth with cool water and proceed to hygienic gymnastics, which are useful in combination with tempering air and water treatments.

In the section, if they are held in the morning, charging may be reduced over time. After charging — morning toilet, and in the days free from classes, cold foot bath or a cold shower (the choice involved, and depending on the degree of zakalennoi).

Breakfast before classes should be easy (a sandwich, a Cup of tea or coffee), lunch (after school) — normal. With fatigue and bad health classes should be reduced over time and load. To class and to work, if possible, it is desirable to walk.

The duration of each class is (the experience of many sections) 60 minutes, and in combination with a bath — 90 minutes.

The structure and content of training vary depending on season and climatic conditions. However, each lesson includes, as a rule, warm-up, physical training, swimming and warming exercises. In 60-minute lesson, the relation between them is 40: 10: 10. This means that 40 minutes is spent on warm-up and physical training (this also may enter and swim in a pool with heated water), 10 minutes to specialized training and swimming in the icy water, 10 minutes for warming exercises (including re swimming in heated water). Direct stay in the hole usually does not exceed 2 minutes and is time-1/30 share of all classes. By this time added up to 40 minutes of being outdoors.

The warm-up . which should last 10-15 minutes, intended for adduction in working condition the heart, lungs, blood vessels, for warming and increase the elasticity of muscles, increase joint mobility and increase circulation. Warm-up includes a variety of hot gymnastic exercises, outdoor games, Jogging. When the air temperature is up to minus 10°C warm-up should be carried out in swimming trunks (bathing suit). If in a speedo warm up is not possible, it is necessary to wear light tracksuit and continue physical training until you feel heat in the whole body.

Sometimes on television you can see how famously in the frosty air warm up “walrus”, using the bar, barbell, kettlebells, tires, and other projectiles. It is in any case can not be recommended. Occupations that require sudden movements can lead to sprains, torn ligaments and other injuries. Easy running, ball games and other exercises that can captivate engaged, are more suitable. The purpose of the warm up in the cold — to warm up, lift your mood, gain more internal heat, but not to pump up muscles.

Various physical qualities can be developed in the classroom physical training . which in winter are held in the sports hall for 25-30 minutes.

For the development of the force applied exercise with weights: lifting weights, push-UPS, exercises on the bar, with shock absorbers.

For developing flexibility necessary to constantly maintain the elasticity of ligaments and muscles. This is achieved primaries and springy movements, flexion and extension with a gradual increase in the amplitude. The stretching should be preceded by an intensive warm-up, especially at low temperatures.

For the development of dexterity is good to use a variety of outdoor games, often have to change the exercise or make new elements.

For the development of endurance you need to practice walking, Jogging, swimming, skiing, Hiking, Cycling, rowing, and for a long time and over long distances.

Warm-up just before ice swimming is done in order to raise body temperature, to warm up the muscles. Effective muscles can be achieved by using a hot shower, massage.

The practice usually precedes the build that is held outdoors and lasts for 2-3 minutes.

Preferably in the section to conduct classes in groups. The first group (40 percent engaged) begins the lesson 15 minutes Jogging in shorts or a bathing suit outdoors. Then for 25 minutes engaged in the gym (gymnastics and strength exercises, outdoor games with the use of a variety of sports equipment and inventory). The second group (20 percent) conducts classes as follows: 10 minutes —Jogging outdoors, 20 minutes exercise on the equipment and the carpets in the gym, 10 minutes of swimming in heated water. The third group (15 percent) is engaged only in the gym, and the fourth (15 percent) – only pool with heated water. The remaining 10 percent involved use other combinations of exercises (e.g., running outdoors and swimming in warm water or going to the gym and swimming in warm water).

Warm-up and physical conditioning over all groups at the same time, 40 minutes after the start of classes, then the groups are constructed and organized manner are sent to the hole for swimming in the icy water . After that a dip in the pool for 10 minutes and cool shower. At the end of the buffet Breakfast and departure to work. Once a week, the section conducts classes on the reservoir with the use of sauna (classes continue 90 minutes).

Coming out of an ice hole after swimming, you need to dress. To do this in the cold, requires skill. Dealing becomes a rug on a dry towel and rubs the face, neck, legs, back. The second wiped dry with a towel and then dressed. Dressed, starts warming exercises — gymnastics or Jogging — until you feel heat.

If the conditions (warm room) after swimming is helpful to conduct a self-massage in the following sequence: head, neck, chest, abdomen, lower back, feet, calves, shins and thighs; you can use the roller massager.

The content of integrated practice in different sections varies. For example, in a physical training can include elements of athletics, gymnastics, sports games and so on, by choice.

Organizational sessions also can be built in different ways. Some teams warm-up is carried out all together, and performing the same exercises, and physical training are divided into groups; in others, carried out by groups all activities from beginning to end.

Duration, methods of training and the nature of the exercises should be adjusted depending on specific conditions: temperature and humidity, wind, presence, precipitation, etc. Under adverse conditions, classes may be reduced over time; in this case, to achieve the goal needs to be increased their intensity.

During the course, swimming in the icy water of the inevitable interruptions. After an interruption of one month stay in the water should be reduced twice. If classes were suspended for more than two months, come out strong from the beginning. When, for whatever reason, have to take a break in winter swimming, it is useful at this time to take a cold or a cold shower, air and water baths, Jogging barefoot in the snow, pour water or well water. Such procedures will help maintain the necessary tone and quickly “get into shape” with the resumption of classes winter swimming.

To choose the contents and methods of teaching should be based on health status, physical and age characteristics of each member of the section.