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Versions of the workouts for the treadmill


Treadmill – is an acceptable alternative to street Jogging. To run on the simulator, choosing a medium intensity and one pace is not so bad. Some experts believe that in winter, the preference is to give it a treadmill, and running on the track to take less time.

Versions of the workouts for the treadmill

But here’s the thing – if all winter to run in one mode, the spring can be significantly out of the shape. Different versions of the workouts for the treadmill will help to maintain muscle tone and approach to the opening of the street running season in great shape.

Simulation of uphill walking

Recently, researchers have proved that from the point of view of biomechanics of walking and running on a steep rise equivalent. So, the group of athletes was asked to first walk and then run on the treadmill, gradually increasing the rise. Data were recorded and carefully analyzed. It turned out that walking on a treadmill “uphill” almost no different from running – the only difference in the effects of gravity (on a flat surface it will be weaker).

Experts recommend walking on a high degree as a great option recovery training. Enough 20-40 minutes to do an average pace on the rise 12-15% to get the result of the same run. When the ligaments and muscles will relax.

“Marathon” speed for the development of endurance

Professional runners know how important the principle of alternation of heavy and light loads. The scheme is a “heavy” workout may consist of 5 intervals the distance of 1 km at maximum speed, share two-minute recovery run. An example of a “light” workout – 10 km at an average pace that allows you to talk without shortness of breath. Without such alternation athlete falls into a grey area and significantly degrade endurance.

But if you are preparing for a marathon, take the time for intensive training at the speed that you plan to support in the race. Such runs can be performed once a week. Start with a warm up and 1.5 km of Jogging, and then planned to move to the “marathon” speed and run at a pace of 7 to 18 km (the distance is chosen individually and depends on the degree of your fitness).

Here the advantage of the treadmill is obvious – it allows you to clearly define the speed before the end of the course. For the development of endurance races such very effective.

Exercise to increase aerobic capacity (VO2max)

Psychologists use these tests to determine the IPC – maximal oxygen consumption. Runners this exercise is useful for improving aerobic capacity.

Start with a light workout and walk. Then for 5-10 minutes, go on a jog. Then every minute increase the speed of the track by 0.5 km/h Increase the tempo until, until you feel that to continue running you are not able to. At this maximum point fix the result.

Gradually slow down and go to recovery walk, and then get off the track. Remember, better write it down in your training notebook you the greatest speed and the next time try to beat your own record.

Just do not overdo it! This exercise is recommended to do not more often 1 time a week.

Where to find treadmills?

From classes in gyms, people often refuse for one reason – it’s expensive. In fact, to find a gym with decent treadmills and reasonable prices in any city, even insanely expensive in the capital. Surely, such a room is in your city, area.

If you know of such a place, share in the comments to this information. Tell us what club you run, where he is, what treadmills it has, what is the price of classes. Perhaps among our readers there are your countrymen and neighbors who have long and unsuccessfully trying to find a suitable place to run indoors.

Maybe you have your own versions of the workouts for the treadmill? We would be very grateful for your ideas and experience, which will certainly be useful to many novice runners and fans.