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Morning exercises – a complex of exercises for the whole family


Want to have your day began not with dull thoughts, the hustle and bustle, but with cheerfulness and good mood? Want thoughts lined up in the correct order, and the body was fit and slim? Then you just need morning exercises – a complex of exercises for awakening the soul and body.

The content

↑ Why charging

Many people confuse morning exercises and training. Actually, the charge is a light physical activity, exercise – serious sports load. Needless to say, workout right after Yes sleep on a hungry stomach will not be effective. But charging is what you need. First, a simple exercise normalizes metabolism. Your body faster to throw off the remnants of sleep, off to work, will acquire all the necessary nutrients. Secondly, the activity in the morning helps produce the hormone of happiness – endorphin. Remember the tranquility that is felt after exercise. Thirdly, improves memory, mental focus, increases self-esteem. In addition, a set of exercises for just 10 minutes in duration – will provide your body with good physical tone and firmness.

Of course, with regular fitness, yoga, swimming or any other sport all these figures will increase significantly. But if you don’t exercise, start small – morning gymnastics.

↑ Morning exercises for beginners: a set of exercises

To get all the positive emotions that are associated with morning exercises, only need to Wake up half an hour earlier. Then you won’t rush, and enjoy recreation amenities for the whole day. Immediately after waking up stretch and smile. Itself to the world. Rejoice in the new day. Do not turn on immediately endless internal dialogue of “what to wear? what’s for dinner? how not to forget? to submit the report! buy vegetables! to pay for the phone!”. Better tell yourself that today you day goes well and smoothly. Get up out of bed slowly, wash with cool or even cold water (you can use an ice cube), and, returning to the room, proceed to morning gymnastics. You can add music. Turn on your favorite CD or tune in your favorite radio station.

Exercises for morning physical activity can be divided into warm-up and actually charging. Just want to finally Wake up and revitalize the body? Can’t just have one warm-up. It is aimed at the development of key joints and muscles. In the warm-up consists of bends, turns, flexion-extension of the arms and legs. I wish to get some results that will affect not only your mood, but also on the figure? Then in the morning complex will include running (on the spot), stretching exercises, workout different muscle groups.

↑ Workout

The sequence of exercise should be top down. So experts recommend. You should start with the head and neck, finish feet. Each exercise is performed for 3-10 times.

For head and neck follow the turns left and right, tilts forward and backward, rotational motion (slowly). Then proceed to warm up the shoulders and arms. First Gucci shoulder joints, right shoulder, then left, then both of them. Then rotate straightened his hands, drawing an imaginary circle do alternating short Mahi hands. Bent at the elbows quickly pull back and reveal to the sides 2 times. Do known since kindergarten exercise “scissors” — move straight arms in front of chest. Make rotating movements with the hands and proceed to warm-up the body.

Place your feet shoulder width apart, hold back straight. Do tilts to the right and left, down, trying to get his fingertips to the floor. Rotate the pelvis in one direction and then in the other side. Exercises for the legs too simple. Rise up on your toes and go down to the floor. Do leg swings forward and backward. Rotate the feet alternately.

This workout can be completed.

↑ Gymnastics

It can include exercises for the abs and stretching. If you have hula hoops or jump rope, stationary bike, or any fixture for sports, you can use them.

Press it at least 5 times in every way. All of them are done from the prone position.

Upgrades torso without lifting the shoulder blades off the floor

Full raising of the trunk, with a margin of coccyx from the floor with bent knees feet

Lifting straight legs without lifting the lower back off the floor to a 45 degree angle

For stretching your legs stand up straight, place your feet as wide as possible. Bend your left leg at the knee, while the right remains straight. Do rifts with left foot to the right and back. The closer to the floor, the buttocks, the more effective the exercise.

The following exercise is done from a sitting position on the floor. Spread your legs as wide as possible, stretch forward with his whole body, trying to get a hand to the toes of each foot alternately. Then connect the legs and stretch right down to the fingers.

Another exercise stretching – from the supine position. Bend your legs at the knees and keep feet on the floor. Knees pull to the right and left, trying to touch the floor, but so that the shoulder blades and lower back still pressed to the floor.

That’s the whole morning exercises, compound exercises simple, but the benefits to the body it will bring enormous. You can add your own exercises, the main thing is daily physical activity. Complete charging cold shower and RUB a towel. Good mood the whole day.