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How to choose a trainer

Thinking about buying home gyms, honestly assess your capabilities: will you do it at least 2-3 times a week. The answer is Yes?

If you are ready to sporting exploits in the native space of the apartment, then read our article on the different types of simulators.

All simulators can be divided into:


strength training


The purpose of the cardio equipment is aimed at the development of human endurance and decrease body weight. This is a great option to lose weight at the expense of planned burning calories.

The cardio equipment is part of:

Stationary bikes

Popular sports simulator that simulates the Cycling. Optimally raises the tone, strengthens the heart and blood vessels, respiratory system, foot and gluteal muscles.

Exercise bikes are, in turn, are:

mechanical clamp system that replicate the race bike at home

mechanical belt system, with relatively low cost and good compactness

magnetic, whose main advantage is quiet and smooth running


A peculiar class of exercise bike should include a Bicycle Ergometer is more and more complicated from a technical point of view. Built indoor bike allow you to accurately measure the load (in watts) that provides control over the results.

Ergometers are commonly used by doctors rehabilitation or recovery centres, which certainly need to monitor all the indicators of the body are engaged during exercise.


The lessons in this simulator have a positive effect on metabolic processes in the body, properly develop the muscles of the legs and back. In this race does not have a significant load on the spine and joints.

Treadmills are:

mechanical (sheet set in motion man)

electric (operate by electricity)

The load on this type of equipment can successfully be controlled by changing the angle of the blade or the change in its velocity.

Please note that it is more convenient to use fitness equipment with a wide and long blade.


This modern and very popular class of exercise equipment that is compact in size but has a positive impact on health.

In fact, the stepper simulates walking up the stairs. Of course, you can leave the house and cheerfully to rise from the first floor to the twelfth, but it is much nicer to walk through “the steps”, without leaving the comfort of the room.

Moreover, the stepper exercise machine economical, and its modest size (it is especially characteristic of ministepper) will not create difficulties with its storage and the place of operation.

Elliptical trainers

Such designs successfully merge the possibilities of treadmills and Steppers. The simulator is characterized by a smooth and recurrence of stroke, which is an elliptical trajectory and synchronizes all movements of the body.

Joint stress is minimized, which makes the elliptical trainer is ideal for people with related diseases.

Strength training

Weights naturally intended to increase muscle mass and body shaping. A trainer gives local strain on certain body parts, allowing you to address specific problem areas.

The main types of strength training:

Simulators with built-in scales

They are special flat cargo that move up and down metal rails. Optimally suited for beginners.

Free weights

It is work with free weights gives you the opportunity to improve coordination and allows you to quickly build muscle.

Therefore the most part engaged in the gym people makes the choice in favor of structures with free weights.