Elliptical trainer for weight loss
  Much has been written about the benefits of running. and too little about the main trainer for this sport – a treadmill. How to do it and is it…

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The training gear sanlam
“INTEREST” – is an international chain of retail stores of clothing made of fur and leather, presented in Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan. Fashionable clothing from “INTEREST” – this is the original…

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To be in shape by summer

Spring, as usual, comes invisibly. And let’s still cold but the sun shines at all in spring. and very soon it will be possible to change warm coats for light jackets, and there are already beach season just around the corner… If it was as easy to throw off those extra pounds!

Whoever all winter continued to regularly go to a fitness club. — the big fellow. But many people of our vast country still do a discount on an unfriendly Russian climate and give yourself small indulgences to compensate for the lack of heat and sun the extra cake, extra hour

watching your favorite show.

But because with the onset of March, a good half of Russians are wondering: how to quickly get in shape for the beach season? Here we are reminded about diet, exercise and Jogging in the morning. Well, the most advanced and purposeful choosing a mobile assistant. And rightly so!

According to Pew Internet & American Life Project, 19% of smartphone owners in the U.S. are on their device at least one mobile application associated with health. Most often it is software for tracking and accounting of motor activity (38%), apps that help diet (31%) or to manage weight (12%).

And the most interesting that research shows: it all really works. American scientists from the Medical research center in Chicago proved that mobile apps for monitoring nutrition and physical activity can be very effective. The thing is that they help with the main thing with motivation and self-discipline.

Most of these applications allow you to set clear goals and track gradual approximation to each of them. Many of them will make sure that you do not forget, for example, to remind you that it’s time to make another run or drink a glass of water. Some even support a competitive spirit, allowing you to compare your scores with other users or even their own friends.

In addition, the best mobile apps in the category «Health and fitness” are created in cooperation with experts and contain advice from experienced experts. For example, many programs offer video master-class fitness instructors. This helps to make lessons more effective and can avoid many mistakes.

It is also important that programs for mobile devices are always at hand, because we rarely part with their mobile phones. As a result, the use of a specialized mobile app becomes a habit, and proper nutrition and regular exercise become a way of life.

Let’s see what useful programs can offer the mobile app stores Google Play and Apple’s AppStore to those who have aimed to get in shape for the beach season.

In Shape Free

This iPhone app is clearly aimed at girls. However, despite the frivolous design, the developers promise a quite serious approach to the task at hand, namely — “a unique algorithm that provides an individual approach to each” and “personal participation of the popular British nutritionist Zoe Harcombe”.