The formation of habits for a healthy lifestyle through the use of techniques of child fitness For
  The problem of prevention of children's diseases is one of the most relevant. That is why the adoption of a healthy lifestyle of the younger generation today should be…

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The training gear sanlam
“INTEREST” – is an international chain of retail stores of clothing made of fur and leather, presented in Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan. Fashionable clothing from “INTEREST” – this is the original…

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Rules for safe skating

Never ride roller skates through puddles and sand!

It KILLS your videos. Water, dirt and sand get into the bearings, clogged under the platform, create additional friction and unsettling the chassis. Once you beautifully with splashes polytelis through a puddle, just wait two or three hours and you can’t spin the wheels on the rollers! What to do if you can see a puddle, mud or sand, and need to drive. WALK! So the wheels rotate. It’s certainly slow and inconvenient, but the rollers do not tighten the chassis of the water or the sand. After passing knock the

wheels a couple of times on a hard surface to shake off adhering “hazard”.

If you still drove over a puddle, will tell You two ways how to reach “dry” from this situation. The first is the most effective, is to disassemble the entire chassis and clean and lubricate the bearings on the rollers. The second method is not absolute and requires dry asphalt and speed skating skills. Need for 15-20 minutes to create maximum load on the chassis and cause the bearings “to glow red-hot”. In this case the water to evaporate and fail to do their “dirty” cases.

Use caution on wet pavement!

Ride on the rollers with a damp (not to be confused with puddles) or “melted” the asphalt. BUT… it requires certain skills and, as a rule, not a pleasure.

In the case of wet surfaces, the problem lies in the lack of coupling of wheels with road rollers. Here it is better not to make any sudden maneuvers and movements. Get ready for that feet will slip. Maximum attention should be paid to the movement of the center of gravity from one foot to another. Unlike normal riding, when you move on rollers on slippery surfaces, the amplitude of body movements should be less.

When driving on the “sticky” surfaces need to be prepared for the fact that the legs will slow down and You will throw forward. Perhaps the best way out of this situation is the transition from rolling to running, wheels spinning worse, and push off will be easier.

Roller skating, control your speed and your movements!

I must admit that at high speeds with rollers to make more difficult than with a mountain bike or skis. At speeds above 40-50 km per hour, are almost impossible to make sharp maneuvers and braking. So better to weigh the possible obstacles on the upcoming route and to determine the permissible speed.

If You’re not quite comfortable with the braking and dropping speed, it’s better to roll UPHILL than downhill. Better yet, find a level area and to learn how to brake on the rollers .

When in-line skating, wear protection!

Someone thinks that it is not fashionable… Someone is uncomfortable… Someone hopes for your healthy body…

But with Asphalt and Speed to be trifled with! With one drop, a strong body can and will cope, but from frequent falls, it triggers changes in the structure of bones, ligaments and tissues that will not affect Your health in the future.

But the solution is simple – just wear protection for the rollers! This will help you to feel confident when driving. The most commonly used pads and “hands”, if You don’t feel confident, dress and elbow pads. But if You people do unpredictable, and then skate helmets you will not hurt:)

For riding in ramp full protection kit – a must. And here, seriously, a helmet must be worn.

The correct fall is falling forward!

The fact that forward is more convenient to fall for it all protective gear. Even without protection, you will be able to cushion the fall, if it will be forward on hands and feet. The fall back is very dangerous for Your body, namely of the spine and, God forbid, the nape of the neck.

Keep your balance and don’t be afraid of falling!

One of the reasons that children quickly master the technique of riding on rollers is that they are more accustomed to drop, and therefore less afraid of falling.

From rollerski practice, the falls occur because people are influenced by fear and relaxes (or Vice versa much secretases). Experienced skaters who have already managed to push back the fear of falling into the background, manage to stay on your feet in seemingly hopeless situations. The human potential not less than a cat, and he always can land “paws”. So it is better to think about HOW to DRIVE, than how could he fall. Make your body work!

The inclination of the body – always forward!

When in-line skating is very important always to lean forward slightly. This rule skating technique, and equally for beginners and for professionals. The fact that the loss of balance and by following this rule, You will provoke the right drop – forward.

Even when walking on foot man leans forward slightly. The more you want to squeeze out of their videos, the stronger it will be necessary to bend down. And to achieve high speed, and when jumping, maneuvering, and this is especially important for novice skaters, for the attainment of equilibrium.

One foot is always on pololike in front of the other!

Also like the forward tilt, the position of the feet “in front” is a requirement of proper rack roller. This position allows you to properly position the center of gravity and performs the following functions:

allows you to keep a balance, avoiding blockages of forward and tipping back due to the increased stability, helps to avoid the drop from the ingress of foreign objects under the “guide” the wheel of one of the rollers.

This position of the legs facilitates the restoration of equilibrium after the jump. However, there are exceptions where the implementation specific tricks feet at some time need to take another position.

The legs are always bent and work as shock absorbers!

“Soft” at the knees – the success of your ride. On straight legs is very difficult to respond to unexpected traffic situations. The main function of the bent leg is the control of the rollers and the correct positioning of the center of gravity that helps to avoid blockages of the body to the sides.

Imagine that your body is the limousine, and the feet of his shock, do not allow speed bumps to rock “a valuable cargo.” These skills will help you to feel more confident on difficult sections of the road and be ready for sudden changes of circumstances.

Always carefully zip the videos!

It is best to tighten the rollers on high, so that they are firmly holding the leg, but was not pressured in pain. Thus, the movie becomes an extension of your foot, unloaded some kinds of muscles, and you will be easier to control the balance and make maneuvers.

Relaxed the mount applies only when calm Catania without obstacles and surprises for a softer and comfortable leg circumference.

Special place in this issue is aggressive skating, as for different tricks, rollers different button up fastening.

Caution – CHILDREN!

Children, as known, the most delicate flowers of life… they’re the most unpredictable road users. You need to be too careful with your child passing by, be it a pedestrian or a roller. Their reaction to you can be quite extraordinary, right down to inadvertent jumping under the wheels.

Cars, cyclists, pedestrians and other “neighbors”

Moving along the road next to cars, cyclists, pedestrians and other road users, it is important to realize that the speed and manner of obstacles on the road all will be different. Respectively calculate in advance the trajectory of motion with consideration of possible behavior of your “street” or their sudden appearance on the roadway.

Sometimes, even in simple situations being near cyclists, skaters manage to put their wheels to the spokes of a neighbor, which often serves as a source of serious injury for both. Also moving the machine do not need to hope that “it brakes better”.

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