Morphological and functional criteria of adaptation to physical stress Adaptation
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Swimming benefits of swimming weight loss slimming
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How to lose weight on a treadmill


Treadmill is very effective for dropping extra pounds, but it is necessary to consider that the proper approach to employment: it includes duration, frequency of training, running technique and distance, as well as proper nutrition before and after training. Only in case of observance of all necessary requirements in effect for the organism to be positive.

For weight loss to exercise on a treadmill regularly, at the same time. The most effective classes in the morning, when in the body less carbohydrate calories, so it needs to burn fat. However, classes should

not cause discomfort, and if your body has been actively protesting against a morning of stress, try to reschedule them for another time.

Before you lose weight on a treadmill, you must strengthen your will to not skip workouts. In the schedule of classes is very important, their frequency and duration. It can be one long lesson (45-60 minutes) or two short. At the gym for weight loss, it is desirable to 4-5 classes per week, and to support forms can be limited to 2-3 classes. If you do only once a week, the excess weight may not only disappear, but also to increase.

The next thing to consider is diet. You cannot overload the organism and significantly limit his food. An hour before practice it is advisable to eat light food which will provide the body with about 60 g of carbohydrates (about 4-5 tablespoons of oatmeal). Then the body will not experience stress from exhaustion, but during class it will burn the fatty tissue. However, do not overeat – it increases stress on the heart and affects the workout.

Keep in mind that you can lose weight on a treadmill and due to the General exhaustion of the organism. Many women when calculating your daily calorie intake do not take into account that the digestion of food requires 10-15% of calories, which leads to accelerated wear of the body.

Optimal training regimen must take into account your age, height, weight, and features of the cardiovascular system (treadmills are equipped with heart rate monitors). In General, recommended alternating loads, for example, 5 minutes of intense running and 8 minutes walking distance. In simpler embodiments, it is possible to alternate 2-4-minute periods of running and quiet step. Importantly, during the calm stretches you feel that your body has recovered. At the end of workout is also recommended calmly walk to the activity of the cardiovascular system is normalized.

To support forms, you can use the uniform quiet running, in which the pulse frequency is within the acceptable limits. To lose weight, it is necessary to increase training intensity – increase the angle of inclination of the treadmill, running speed, resistance.

After the lesson, you need to drink water to compensate for fluid loss. You need to drink it is water and not other beverages. If you sweat a lot on the simulator, and drink during exercise to avoid dehydration (on many machines there are special stands for water bottles).