Morning physical exercises and many people do it

Workout on a treadmill for a beginner
  Many people first coming to the fitness center, begin their sessions with the treadmill. It seems simple and straightforward, does not require at first glance any special skills available…

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Swimming benefits of swimming weight loss slimming
  to lose weight difficult weight loss weight swimming the discharge of swimming use lost 4 pounds Leontina from New Urengoy slim eats 7 times a day the hunger strike…

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How to choose a trainer

Thinking about buying home gyms, honestly assess your capabilities: will you do it at least 2-3 times a week. The answer is Yes?

If you are ready to sporting exploits in the native space of the apartment, then read our article on the different types of simulators.

All simulators can be divided into:


strength training


The purpose of the cardio equipment is aimed at the development of human endurance and decrease body weight. This is a great option to lose weight at the expense of planned burning calories.

The cardio equipment is part of:

Stationary bikes

Popular sports simulator that simulates the Cycling. Optimally raises the tone, strengthens the heart and blood vessels, respiratory system, foot and gluteal muscles.

Exercise bikes are, in turn, are:

mechanical clamp system that replicate the race bike at home

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To be in shape by summer

Spring, as usual, comes invisibly. And let’s still cold but the sun shines at all in spring. and very soon it will be possible to change warm coats for light jackets, and there are already beach season just around the corner… If it was as easy to throw off those extra pounds!

Whoever all winter continued to regularly go to a fitness club. — the big fellow. But many people of our vast country still do a discount on an unfriendly Russian climate and give yourself small indulgences to compensate for the lack of heat and sun the extra cake, extra hour

watching your favorite show.

But because with the onset of March, a good half of Russians are wondering: how to quickly get in shape for the beach Continue reading

Rules for safe skating

Never ride roller skates through puddles and sand!

It KILLS your videos. Water, dirt and sand get into the bearings, clogged under the platform, create additional friction and unsettling the chassis. Once you beautifully with splashes polytelis through a puddle, just wait two or three hours and you can’t spin the wheels on the rollers! What to do if you can see a puddle, mud or sand, and need to drive. WALK! So the wheels rotate. It’s certainly slow and inconvenient, but the rollers do not tighten the chassis of the water or the sand. After passing knock the

wheels a couple of times on a hard surface to shake off adhering “hazard”.

If you still drove over a puddle, will tell You two ways how to reach “dry” from this situation. The first is the most effective, is to disassemble the entire chassis and clean and lubricate the bearings on the rollers. The second method is not absolute and requires dry asphalt and speed skating skills. Need for 15-20 Continue reading

How to lose weight on a treadmill


Treadmill is very effective for dropping extra pounds, but it is necessary to consider that the proper approach to employment: it includes duration, frequency of training, running technique and distance, as well as proper nutrition before and after training. Only in case of observance of all necessary requirements in effect for the organism to be positive.

For weight loss to exercise on a treadmill regularly, at the same time. The most effective classes in the morning, when in the body less carbohydrate calories, so it needs to burn fat. However, classes should

not cause discomfort, and if your body has been actively protesting against a morning of stress, try to reschedule them for another time.

Before you lose weight on a treadmill, you must strengthen your will to not skip workouts. In the schedule of classes is very important, their frequency and duration. It can be one long lesson (45-60 minutes) or two short. Continue reading

Respiratory gimnastika


Breathing is a very important process, without air we cannot live and 2 minutes. In ancient times found a link between respiratory processes and emotions, physical and mental condition of the person.

– mental disorders;

– inflammation of the lungs;

– defects of the diaphragm;

– mental illness;

acute neurological conditions.

General recommendations for use of breathing exercises:

1. Practise breathing exercises in a well-ventilated room.

2. Do the exercises only after 1.5-2 hours after a light snack and after 5-6 hours after lunch, and if you drank a glass of liquid, proceed to the lesson in 30 minutes.

3. Breathing during the exercises should be through the nose.

4. Start breathing exercises with several restorative exercises for arms, legs, torso.

5. Do the exercises, concentrating on the breathing process.

6. Do the exercises carefully, Continue reading

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Useful properties of joint and muscle gymnastics
  Welcome friends! Today I want to talk about the benefits of joint and muscle exercises that we do at the beginning of each yoga class. In this article I…

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Recovery tool after exercise
Rest and recovery — a necessary and important component of any training process, whether it be running, Cycling, bodybuilding or chess. The actions or inaction that you take between workouts,…