Workout on treadmill for weight loss. Options-exercise treadmill
  Treadmill well burns calories, it's a great cardiovascular workout that you can use at home. However, to get the desired results, you need to properly train and observe the…

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Morning physical exercises and many people do it
  Morning physical exercises are very important Morning physical exercises are very important for health and well being of the person. This statement, probably no one will object. Morning physical…

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Testosterone and its role in the body


Testosterone — the main male sex hormone, androgen. It is synthesized in the body testicles in men, ovaries in women and by the adrenal cortex in both sexes.

What affects testosterone levels in the body:

1. Of course on sexual desire (libido) and sexual potency;

2. A dream — a low level of testosterone leads to insomnia, and Vice

versa lack of sleep reduces the level of this hormone in the body;

3. On the growth of muscle mass and strengthening bones. Testosterone is involved in protein synthesis, stimulates the growth of muscle mass and strength, bone thickens and becomes more durable;

4. On the voice, hair growth;

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Rest and recovery after a workout climbing


Most athletes know that adequate rest after exercise is necessary for high performance in sports, but even so, many continue to train through the steps and feel a terrible sense of guilt when we take a day of rest. The truth is that the body repairs and strengthens itself in the time of rest between workouts. Note: prolonged and excessive exercise can have the opposite effect and weaken even the strongest athletes.

Rest days are required for performance in sport for many reasons. Some associated with physiology, some with psychology. Rest is physically

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Permanent or short-term load more


Nowadays an increasing number of people lead a sedentary life, it has a negative effect on the health and General condition of the body. The most dangerous is overweight and related disorders of the cardiovascular system. Fortunately, we have good wizards that help you keep your body in shape. It is human muscle.

Doing their job, they are equally beneficial to virtually all internal

organs, primarily the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Life is ordered so that internal organs primarily provide the activity of the muscles.

Working muscles sent along the nerve fibers to the internal organs of information about their needs, condition and functioning and thus affect their work, stimulate and regulate it. Muscle activity is a powerful source of stimulating effect on all physiological systems of the human body, resulting in even age-related changes of the body are slowed down.

In this case, each person (excluding sick), these are the types of muscle activity, as morning Continue reading