Morning physical exercises and many people do it
  Morning physical exercises are very important Morning physical exercises are very important for health and well being of the person. This statement, probably no one will object. Morning physical…

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I want to lose weight Change your lifestyle!
  Four effective program for the correction of the silhouette from the SPA “Volga Sport". The program ’s a miracle of the Sea" Correction of the silhouette in the local…

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Rubber flooring in gyms and garages, on the playgrounds and in production

Building materials market is updated daily with a coating made of rubber. Such products as rubber flooring for garage and the street are widely used at the consumer. Every day there are new products that can be used in gyms and on playgrounds. Today it is impossible to refuse the use of rubber, which is the main material in the production, which produce rubber flooring for Parking lots and large industrial premises. Such popularity of conventional material acquired thanks to its unique features:

The ability to withstand heavy loads

Durable to use material

The ease and simplicity of maintenance

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About the warm-up


Workout in strength training should always start with a warm-up. The goal of the athlete to warm up major muscle groups and prepare them for the work ahead. First workout you should warm up, which is predominantly aerobic in nature, followed by basic training exercises performed in an anaerobic mode. The main requirement to warm up – to warm up the major muscle groups of the athlete, unwearying, improve local blood flow to the muscles and ligaments.

To initiate appropriate warm-up with squats without weights, dips, lunges,

torso rotation and free rotation of the arms in the shoulder and elbow joints in various positions. The beginning of the warm-up must be active in order to quickly prepare the body to work with weights. The General warm-up may be appropriate Continue reading

The beneficial effects of massage on the body

Benefits of massage for health can not be overestimated, and for a little disordered or fully disordered body even more.

Health benefits begins on the first phase, light touches. The skin is cleaned of dead skin cells, improves breathing and circulation, open and clean the sebaceous and sweat glands. Open reserve capillaries, and the blood rushes through him, carrying away the dead cells, the wrong products of metabolism, which are formed by oxidative reactions in lack of oxygen

is the “wreckage” of the molecules of lactic acid and other organic acids. (all this and the sensation of pain, zapolonyayut all the space and not allowing the muscles to function normally, from the fact that oxygen and nutrients are not received in the right quantity) All bimetals blood flow from the corners. Deep and stagnant liquid, and with it, the puffiness, Continue reading