Dosed physical load – based rehabilitation of children with exogenous constitutional
  Currently worldwide, there are also increasing numbers of children with obesity. According to the International working group on obesity, presents the who, every tenth child of school age in…

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Alcohol and fitness is a sore subject! Why drinking is bad
It is a complex process, to understand that no "pint" is not easy... Joke! Actually, when you drink alcohol, your body (liver) converts to acetaldehyde and then to acetate .…

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The formation of habits for a healthy lifestyle through the use of techniques of child fitness For


The problem of prevention of children’s diseases is one of the most relevant. That is why the adoption of a healthy lifestyle of the younger generation today should be considered in the practice of kindergartens, as one of the priorities of the humanization of education, because of how successfully manages the creation and strengthening of skills of a healthy

lifestyle in early childhood, depends to a subsequent real lifestyle and health. An important pedagogical goal should be the education of the children’s needs in health, advocacy for a healthy lifestyle.

Our main objective is the preservation and strengthening of physical, mental and social health of children through the integration of the educational process. System integration of educational areas is a combination of various forms of work with children, contributing to forming Continue reading

Smoking and alcohol in sports – Fatal energy


What is the effect of Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages on a bodybuilder? Most people can imagine. Let’s see what actually happens in the body and what to expect from these bad habits.

Effect of Smoking and drinking are terrible. And not just for bodybuilders. These bad habits are harmful to the health or significantly impair a person’s appearance. The consequences of Smoking and drinking terrible and dangerous.

Bodybuilders make their body more beautiful and feel confident about their shape and health. If You have a question, how to achieve Your goals affects Smoking and alcohol, to be sure, these habits will not help You to achieve your goals

The dangers of Smoking

Tobacco contains over 4,000 different chemicals that affect Your body. The most harmful substances are nicotine, carbon monoxide and liquid resin.

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To be in shape by summer

Spring, as usual, comes invisibly. And let’s still cold but the sun shines at all in spring. and very soon it will be possible to change warm coats for light jackets, and there are already beach season just around the corner… If it was as easy to throw off those extra pounds!

Whoever all winter continued to regularly go to a fitness club. — the big fellow. But many people of our vast country still do a discount on an unfriendly Russian climate and give yourself small indulgences to compensate for the lack of heat and sun the extra cake, extra hour

watching your favorite show.

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