Muscle Recovery
  — Restore hormonal levels. Hormones are very important regulators of our body. Any stress seriously affects our endocrine system. First of all there is a surge of stress (Catabolic)…

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How to lose weight on a treadmill
  Treadmill is very effective for dropping extra pounds, but it is necessary to consider that the proper approach to employment: it includes duration, frequency of training, running technique and…

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Morning exercises – a complex of exercises for the whole family


Want to have your day began not with dull thoughts, the hustle and bustle, but with cheerfulness and good mood? Want thoughts lined up in the correct order, and the body was fit and slim? Then you just need morning exercises – a complex of exercises for awakening the soul and body.

The content

↑ Why charging

Many people confuse morning exercises and training. Actually, the charge is a light physical activity, exercise – serious sports load. Needless to say, workout right after Yes sleep on a hungry stomach will not be effective. But charging is what you need. First, a simple exercise normalizes metabolism. Your body faster to throw off the remnants of sleep, off to work, will acquire all the necessary nutrients. Secondly, the activity in the morning helps produce the hormone of happiness – endorphin. Remember the tranquility that is felt after exercise. Thirdly, improves memory, mental focus, increases self-esteem. In addition, a set of exercises Continue reading

How to choose a trainer

Thinking about buying home gyms, honestly assess your capabilities: will you do it at least 2-3 times a week. The answer is Yes?

If you are ready to sporting exploits in the native space of the apartment, then read our article on the different types of simulators.

All simulators can be divided into:


strength training


The purpose of the cardio equipment is aimed at the development of human endurance and decrease body weight. This is a great option to lose weight at the expense of planned burning calories.

The cardio equipment is part of:

Stationary bikes

Popular sports simulator that simulates the Cycling. Optimally raises the tone, strengthens the heart and blood vessels, respiratory system, foot and gluteal muscles.

Exercise bikes are, in turn, are:

mechanical clamp system that replicate the race bike at home

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To be in shape by summer

Spring, as usual, comes invisibly. And let’s still cold but the sun shines at all in spring. and very soon it will be possible to change warm coats for light jackets, and there are already beach season just around the corner… If it was as easy to throw off those extra pounds!

Whoever all winter continued to regularly go to a fitness club. — the big fellow. But many people of our vast country still do a discount on an unfriendly Russian climate and give yourself small indulgences to compensate for the lack of heat and sun the extra cake, extra hour

watching your favorite show.

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