Morning physical exercises and many people do it
  Morning physical exercises are very important Morning physical exercises are very important for health and well being of the person. This statement, probably no one will object. Morning physical…

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Sore muscles after workout causes and methods of dealing with pain
  Pain occurring in the muscles after exercise, can scare beginners and even force them to quit the gym. Some take unusual pain for symptoms of disease. But the muscle…

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Recovery after trenirovki


As has long been known that muscle when bodybuilding do not grow during the workout, the main growth takes place after, during the holidays, and training only encourages the muscle fibers to develop. Therefore such an important role is played by the recovery process after a workout. Thanks to proper recovery and there is a significant increase in muscle mass.

Recovery after the workout includes both regular rest, and reducing intake of some drugs that help to run the restorative powers of the body and start building new cells.

If you approach the recovery process from a scientific point of view, we can distinguish four main phases – fast recovery, slow recovery, sverchuvstvovanie and delayed.

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The beneficial effects of massage on the body

Benefits of massage for health can not be overestimated, and for a little disordered or fully disordered body even more.

Health benefits begins on the first phase, light touches. The skin is cleaned of dead skin cells, improves breathing and circulation, open and clean the sebaceous and sweat glands. Open reserve capillaries, and the blood rushes through him, carrying away the dead cells, the wrong products of metabolism, which are formed by oxidative reactions in lack of oxygen

is the “wreckage” of the molecules of lactic acid and other organic acids. (all this and the sensation of pain, zapolonyayut all the space and not allowing the muscles to function normally, from the fact that oxygen and nutrients are not received in the right quantity) All bimetals blood flow from the corners. Deep and stagnant liquid, and with it, the puffiness, Continue reading

Morning exercises – a complex of exercises for the whole family


Want to have your day began not with dull thoughts, the hustle and bustle, but with cheerfulness and good mood? Want thoughts lined up in the correct order, and the body was fit and slim? Then you just need morning exercises – a complex of exercises for awakening the soul and body.

The content

↑ Why charging

Many people confuse morning exercises and training. Actually, the charge is a light physical activity, exercise – serious sports load. Needless to say, workout right after Yes sleep on a hungry stomach will not be effective. But charging is what you need. First, a simple exercise normalizes metabolism. Your body faster to throw off the remnants of sleep, off to work, will acquire all the necessary nutrients. Secondly, the activity in the morning helps produce the hormone of happiness – endorphin. Remember the tranquility that is felt after exercise. Thirdly, improves memory, mental focus, increases self-esteem. In addition, a set of exercises Continue reading