The formation of habits for a healthy lifestyle through the use of techniques of child fitness For
  The problem of prevention of children's diseases is one of the most relevant. That is why the adoption of a healthy lifestyle of the younger generation today should be…

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Stress hormone cortisol why it leads to obesity and muscle breakdown
  With trastovyy hormone called cortisol when it is produced by the body, why it leads to obesity and muscle breakdown, and whether it is possible to reduce the levels.…

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Yoga for weight loss. How to do yoga for weight loss. The advice and recommendations of experts about


Yoga is considered one of the most ancient of the world’s teachings. Images depicting yogis in characteristic poses, scientists found during the excavations of the most ancient cultures that existed thousands of years ago. Yoga is a method and a means of understanding the world, allowing you to develop and guide the ethical, mental and physical spheres of human life so that the man was perfectly healthy, both from a spiritual and physical point of view. That’s why lately so many sources speak about the positive impact of yoga on health, ranging from his mental state and

ending with the figure.

Whether yoga can help to lose weight?

Yes! However, choosing yoga for weight loss, you should not approach her so one-sided and think only about losing pounds. They will leave only when healing the body, Continue reading

Permanent or short-term load more


Nowadays an increasing number of people lead a sedentary life, it has a negative effect on the health and General condition of the body. The most dangerous is overweight and related disorders of the cardiovascular system. Fortunately, we have good wizards that help you keep your body in shape. It is human muscle.

Doing their job, they are equally beneficial to virtually all internal

organs, primarily the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Life is ordered so that internal organs primarily provide the activity of the muscles.

Working muscles sent along the nerve fibers to the internal organs of information about their needs, condition and functioning and thus affect their work, stimulate and regulate it. Muscle activity is a powerful source of stimulating effect on all physiological systems of the human body, resulting in even age-related changes of the body are slowed down.

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Smoking and alcohol in sports – Fatal energy


What is the effect of Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages on a bodybuilder? Most people can imagine. Let’s see what actually happens in the body and what to expect from these bad habits.

Effect of Smoking and drinking are terrible. And not just for bodybuilders. These bad habits are harmful to the health or significantly impair a person’s appearance. The consequences of Smoking and drinking terrible and dangerous.

Bodybuilders make their body more beautiful and feel confident about their shape and health. If You have a question, how to achieve Your goals affects Smoking and alcohol, to be sure, these habits will not help You to achieve your goals

The dangers of Smoking

Tobacco contains over 4,000 different chemicals that affect Your body. The most harmful substances are nicotine, carbon monoxide and liquid resin.

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