Swimming benefits of swimming weight loss slimming
  to lose weight difficult weight loss weight swimming the discharge of swimming use lost 4 pounds Leontina from New Urengoy slim eats 7 times a day the hunger strike…

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Morning exercises - a complex of exercises for the whole family
  Want to have your day began not with dull thoughts, the hustle and bustle, but with cheerfulness and good mood? Want thoughts lined up in the correct order, and…

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Muscle Recovery


— Restore hormonal levels. Hormones are very important regulators of our body. Any stress seriously affects our endocrine system. First of all there is a surge of stress (Catabolic) hormones. In particular cortisol. And testosterone (opposite – anabolically) hormone will rise for a short time, then to fall below the original. This hormonal imbalance caused by the training session will last just over a day. I.e., recovering a little longer than energy. But…It’s in ideal conditions. But in practice, if you trained chest today, and tomorrow I go to train your back, your hormone level is quite possibly not have time to fully recover before the

new stress and deepens each time more and more. That’s why weekends to train every day – the idea is not very good. That’s why all of the splits is always plenty of “oiled” days off to fully restore hormonal and energy.

-Recovery of muscle fibers. Once you’ve injured your muscles load begins their healing. And the speed of this process can be very different. It depends primarily on traumatic load. In principle, if the load is light, the muscles can be fine Continue reading

The beneficial effects of massage on the body

Benefits of massage for health can not be overestimated, and for a little disordered or fully disordered body even more.

Health benefits begins on the first phase, light touches. The skin is cleaned of dead skin cells, improves breathing and circulation, open and clean the sebaceous and sweat glands. Open reserve capillaries, and the blood rushes through him, carrying away the dead cells, the wrong products of metabolism, which are formed by oxidative reactions in lack of oxygen

is the “wreckage” of the molecules of lactic acid and other organic acids. (all this and the sensation of pain, zapolonyayut all the space and not allowing the muscles to function normally, from the fact that oxygen and nutrients are not received in the right quantity) All bimetals blood flow from the corners. Deep and stagnant liquid, and with it, the puffiness, Continue reading

The method of hardening – Organizing and conducting classes


Classes tempering is best done in the morning before work, then the person receives a charge of vivacity for the entire labor day. Evening classes are often frustrated because of household chores, fatigue, guests, TV, theatre, cinema, etc. in the Evening, it is useful to take a refreshing shower or bath, to hold the feet in the water. It relieves fatigue, have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, the person falls asleep quickly and sleeps a peaceful, deep sleep. Sleep duration should be not less than 8 hours.

Mode must be supported and in the days free from classes, because the body gets used to sleep and rise at the same time. Waking up, can be done in bed a gentle massage of the face, neck, head and body. Then to rise, rinse mouth with cool water and proceed to hygienic gymnastics, which are useful in combination Continue reading