Muscle Recovery
  — Restore hormonal levels. Hormones are very important regulators of our body. Any stress seriously affects our endocrine system. First of all there is a surge of stress (Catabolic)…

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A pilot study
  The study was conducted: Gerry Weber World (Germany), mbH Saluto society of sport and health, Diagnostic Institute, Dr. Elmar Vince. What is the impact of singlet oxygen Airnergy on…

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Stress hormone cortisol why it leads to obesity and muscle breakdown


With trastovyy hormone called cortisol when it is produced by the body, why it leads to obesity and muscle breakdown, and whether it is possible to reduce the levels.

What is cortisol?

The hormone cortisol is produced by the body in stressful or emergency situations, with a strong physical exertion or lack of nutrition. The normal level is 10 μg/dl, but under stress he rises to 80 μg/dl, and a strong shock

to 180 μg/dl.

Considering the cases of increasing cortisol, it is easy to see that this is a kind of protective reaction of the organism: in shock cortisol helps to act faster, with little food makes you look for food. during exercise gives you explosive strength (1) .

The mechanism of action of cortisol

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Dosed physical load – based rehabilitation of children with exogenous constitutional


Currently worldwide, there are also increasing numbers of children with

obesity. According to the International working group on obesity, presents the who, every tenth child of school age in the world has a weight problem. And worldwide the number of people with excess weight more than the hungry [1,6]. With the increase in obese patients is associated a significant increase in the prevalence of diabetes, cardiovascularand other diseases [2].

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Rules for safe skating

Never ride roller skates through puddles and sand!

It KILLS your videos. Water, dirt and sand get into the bearings, clogged under the platform, create additional friction and unsettling the chassis. Once you beautifully with splashes polytelis through a puddle, just wait two or three hours and you can’t spin the wheels on the rollers! What to do if you can see a puddle, mud or sand, and need to drive. WALK! So the wheels rotate. It’s certainly slow and inconvenient, but the rollers do not tighten the chassis of the water or the sand. After passing knock the

wheels a couple of times on a hard surface to shake off adhering “hazard”.

If you still drove over a puddle, will tell You two ways how to reach “dry” from this situation. The first is the most effective, is to disassemble the entire chassis and clean and lubricate the bearings on the rollers. The second method is not absolute and requires dry asphalt and speed skating skills. Need for 15-20 Continue reading