Permanent or short-term load more
  Nowadays an increasing number of people lead a sedentary life, it has a negative effect on the health and General condition of the body. The most dangerous is overweight…

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Morning exercise - Physical activity
For many, the very phrase "morning exercises" reeks of mothballs - probably because it is associated with obsessive-cheerful sounds of the morning broadcast of Soviet times. Meanwhile, experts call the…

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Alcohol and fitness is a sore subject! Why drinking is bad

It is a complex process, to understand that no “pint” is not easy… Joke! Actually, when you drink alcohol, your body (liver) converts to acetaldehyde and then to acetate . Acetate is a derivative of acetic acid. His body decomposes to carbon dioxide and water are the final products of decay.

Up to 10% of alcohol is excreted in unchanged form is excreted in the breath, sweat, urine. Another small portion ( 5% ) is deposited in the form of fat.

Poor health is associated with high levels of acetaldehyde and acetate. For our body is even more toxic substances than alcohol. The problem is often compounded by low-quality alcohol contain impurities, fusel oils, organic acids and aldehydes .

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Stress hormone cortisol why it leads to obesity and muscle breakdown


With trastovyy hormone called cortisol when it is produced by the body, why it leads to obesity and muscle breakdown, and whether it is possible to reduce the levels.

What is cortisol?

The hormone cortisol is produced by the body in stressful or emergency situations, with a strong physical exertion or lack of nutrition. The normal level is 10 μg/dl, but under stress he rises to 80 μg/dl, and a strong shock

to 180 μg/dl.

Considering the cases of increasing cortisol, it is easy to see that this is a kind of protective reaction of the organism: in shock cortisol helps to act faster, with little food makes you look for food. during exercise gives you explosive strength (1) .

The mechanism of action of cortisol

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I want to lose weight Change your lifestyle!


Four effective program for the correction of the silhouette from the SPA “Volga Sport”.

The program ’s a miracle of the Sea”

Correction of the silhouette in the local areas, combining exfoliation and body wrap with seaweed fucus and laminaria. Included with wraps natural algae extracts moisturize the skin, treat cellulite, reduce tissue swelling and subcutaneous fat, enrich the skin with vitamins, minerals and

amino acids, improve its tone and elasticity.

Problems: overweight, swelling, reduced skin tone

Effect: reduced volume, drainage, hydration and nourishment of the skin

Duration: 60 minutes

Recommended number of treatments: 5-10 treatments with a frequency of 2-3 times a week

Exercise and proper diet are welcome.

The cost of one procedure – 1200 rubles. The cost of a course of five treatments – 6000 rubles

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