Effective morning exercise
  One of the main things that makes me get up in the morning, is the presence of something delicious for Breakfast. Calorie waffle with syrup, fluffy chocolate croissant or…

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Elliptical trainer for weight loss
  Much has been written about the benefits of running. and too little about the main trainer for this sport – a treadmill. How to do it and is it…

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Breathing exercises for weight loss the basics, rules, secrets


Could you guess what efficient weight loss for men are the most difficult to perform? This regular exercise.

And, despite their incredible efficiency, for most people, getting regular physical activity fades into the background, “thanks” over-employment and tensions of modern life.

But there is a way which helps you greatly to compensate for the lack of physical training and is easily suited for every woman, because that does

not require the creation of certain conditions to fulfill.

The secret is to just breathe… full chest…

Breathing exercises for weight loss, according to researchers, burn 140% more fat than Jogging, and supported throughout the day with a high level of metabolism .

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Rules for safe skating

Never ride roller skates through puddles and sand!

It KILLS your videos. Water, dirt and sand get into the bearings, clogged under the platform, create additional friction and unsettling the chassis. Once you beautifully with splashes polytelis through a puddle, just wait two or three hours and you can’t spin the wheels on the rollers! What to do if you can see a puddle, mud or sand, and need to drive. WALK! So the wheels rotate. It’s certainly slow and inconvenient, but the rollers do not tighten the chassis of the water or the sand. After passing knock the

wheels a couple of times on a hard surface to shake off adhering “hazard”.

If you still drove over a puddle, will tell You two ways how to reach “dry” from this situation. The first is the most effective, is to disassemble the entire chassis and clean and lubricate the bearings on the rollers. The second method is not absolute and requires dry asphalt and speed skating skills. Need for 15-20 Continue reading

How to lose weight on a treadmill


Treadmill is very effective for dropping extra pounds, but it is necessary to consider that the proper approach to employment: it includes duration, frequency of training, running technique and distance, as well as proper nutrition before and after training. Only in case of observance of all necessary requirements in effect for the organism to be positive.

For weight loss to exercise on a treadmill regularly, at the same time. The most effective classes in the morning, when in the body less carbohydrate calories, so it needs to burn fat. However, classes should

not cause discomfort, and if your body has been actively protesting against a morning of stress, try to reschedule them for another time.

Before you lose weight on a treadmill, you must strengthen your will to not skip workouts. In the schedule of classes is very important, their frequency and duration. It can be one long lesson (45-60 minutes) or two short. Continue reading